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    Travelling to Hong Kong with RTD

    Hello, I was wondering if there is anyone here who has travel to Hong Kong with a RTD. I have been reaching out to the Chinese consulate and they are not giving me a clear answer whether I need to a visa or not or if I can apply for a visa with a RTD. Thank you!
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    Renewing Canadian Refugee Travel Document

    Hi, I am currently holding a PR but my Canadian refugee travel document (blue travel document) is about to be expired because I got this document before I became a PR so it only had a two-year validity. Can you please let me know what the renewing procedure and the required documents are? I...
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    While my common-law partner's permanent resident is processing..

    While my common-law partner's permanent resident is processing, can he work in Canada? He is in Canada as a protected person. He got the work permit as a protected person. Would he still be allowed to work even if he applies for permanent resident as a sponsored person?