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    >>>>>>>>>>February 2021<<<<<<<<<< AoR Join here

    As per law, there is no such thing as consultancy firm. You should have spoken directly with the lawyer or consultant. If you have no such clause, you can surely call IRCC and ask.
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    *** May 2020 AOR - Join here ***

    IRCC does not go by the day to day fluctuation. It uses the quarterly rates as published by Bank of Canada. However, as long as you are over the minimum required PoF when you submitted your application, you need not worry. If IRCC needs an updated proof of funds you will be asked for it. IRCC...
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    >>>>>>>>>APRIL 2020 AoR Discussion<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    If you are not well see the doctor right away. Seeing a doctor has no bearing on your PR application as you have submitted your meds already. If the meds have to be redone, i.e. if they expire, then at that time you can consult the panel physician. Not all medical conditions lead to medical...
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    Queries regarding Photo submission for PR card

    1. everything in same envelope will work 2. Behind each individual's photo you should write the name, UCI and studio details in brief.
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    COPR this week?

    You can request, but that would not mean that it would be done. IRCC is continuing to send out COPRs on regular basis.
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    CEC Applicants - Feb. 2020 *JOIN HERE*

    IRCC will either send an email to ask you if your are in Canada, or will instruct you to use the PR landing portal. If you get an email directly with a COPR, without asking you if you are in Canada, then all other existing visas and permit will be cancelled. However, you should inform IRCC that...
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    CEC Applicants - Feb. 2020 *JOIN HERE*

    With the current situation no one can predict. If all stages are passed, you just have to wait.
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    >>>>>>>>>APRIL 2020 AoR Discussion<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    There are many application on hold or have been delayed. No need to be concerned. Also, you can send another email, that would not be an issue.
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    CEC Applicants - Feb. 2020 *JOIN HERE*

    Currently IRCC is asking if you are in Canada before issuing you a COPR. If you are outside Canada, a COPR will not be issued until you return and if you have a valid visa, you can re-enter Canada.
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    CEC Applicants - Sep 2020 **Join Here**

    YEs. Criminality is based on the PCCs and the biometrics. It can take time for one person in the application. Also, minors do not have to go though the criminality. Irrespective of whether criminality is passed or in progress, other stages will continue to progress.
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    You have to respond back to the email address from where you received it.
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    COPR this week?

    You are now a permanent resident of Canada! This is all you need.
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    COPR and coronavirus

    You have to be a resident of US to fall under the exemption. Some applicants have tried it and done it, but it will depend on a case by case basis, and the officer at the Port of entry can deny you admission.
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    Received COPR - Can I Switch Jobs

    The day you receive a COPR when you are in Canada, you become a PR effective the date on the COPR. You can change jobs, work for any employer and even start your own business.
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    The consent form for cBSA and IRCC are different. For CBSA: