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    How much should I pay for the services of a lawyer?

    Impossible question to answer! Here in Canada lawyers are free to fix their rates, and adjust them as they see fit. Your case sounds quite complex. Expect to pay top dollar, be pleasantly surprised if you don't ;). Make sure you find a lawyer who specializes in refugee cases, look her/him up...
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    Last semester of University program and can't pay tuition

    I'm sorry for the loss of your father. You *might* be able to get a student loan in Canada, depending on your circumstances. Your first stop should be to talk to the international students' office at your study institution, in FAQ to you should already have done so. HOWEVER: are you saying you...
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    can i apply study option after 4 refusals

    My *personal* opinion is that you don't have a hope in hell, given the details you've provided :(. Sorry. Re-applying, after multiple refusals, without attempting to fix the reasons you were refused, is just going to make the problem worse and worse. OF COURSE you need to mention your wife is...
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    Invite visitor visa

    What is your status in Canada? What do you mean by "not ratified"? Otherwise:
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    Need Help on filling of PR Card application

    Why are you reapplying a 3rd (?) time? You might just end up confusing the issue even further. If your application arrived December 5 2016 (according to your CP receipt), it's still within normal/average processing times. Add on a few/several days before it made it out of the mail pile &...
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    Guaranteed Income Supplement (70 years old senior)

    It's all laid out pretty clearly here:
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    QSWP Education and Area of Traing points
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    Which is the best option for PR for us: Working in Montreal for 6 Months

    Peq requirements: QSW requirements: Regarding the...
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    Going back to Canada on same Visa. Please help
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    Questions on Spouse visa, she was earlier refused study permit twice

    No issues, just answer all the questions for spouse visa honestly. However, you should ask any further questions in the family sponsorship forum.
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    CBSA tracking exits over air is it true?

    I am not Scylla, but I can confirm that CBSA, on more than one occasion, knew where I'd been, when I left, etc when travelling to a non-US destination by air. Same for my son, once. I've never bothered questioning how they know, I've always just assumed they do, or can find out. As we've never...
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    PLEASE HELP! PR Residency, Renewal, PRTD, Entry ISSUE

    Re bolded: They can also easily look up your entry/exit records, look at your passport stamps, and compare with your verbal responses.
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    H&C grounds for receiving PRTD

    Yes it would matter, given the information you have provided. If you really wish to return to Canada & live there, apply ASAP, & be prepared to return, stay & fulfill PR requirements & obligations once there, if you are lucky enough to succeed. Your mother's situation is entirely different.
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    Alternative to Birth certificate when filing parents immigration

    Being a Canadian citizen does not erase or negate your Indian birth certificate. You would obtain your birth certificate in the same way as if you were still an Indian citizen. A consulate can't & won't help.
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    Landing in Ontario or Saskatchewan with QCS

    If you land elsewhere than QC, with PR via QSW, immigration officials can (& do) refuse to process your landing as a PR IF you don't provide evidence of onward travel to QC, & intention to settle there.