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    Can I leave Canada while PR is in process

    Unfortunately there is no guarantee that you will be issued another visitor visa to allow you to return. It is possible that your pr application could be negatively affected by leaving the country.
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    *** December 2020 Inland Spousal Sponsorship ***

    Got PR confirmation portal email this evening!
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    *** December 2020 Inland Spousal Sponsorship ***

    I am in a WhatsApp group that is linked in one of the Facebook groups...and there are a few that have not gotten aor. One girl got hers this past weekend.
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    *** December 2020 Inland Spousal Sponsorship ***

    Had a ghost update on gckey on Friday and then last night my husband's ecas changed and says decision made on PA side. No other information yet on gckey.
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    I applied for visitors visa to restore lost status when inland application was returned, feeling anxious

    My husband applied for his extension February 14th. It just got approved today for 1 year from the date he applied. He is PA inland. They are very backlogged right now. When did you apply?
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    You can try sending a webform. But unfortunately immigration (especially inland family sponsorship) is months behind schedule. They are slowly catching up...but for most AOR does not come for 5-6 months now. Sometimes longer.
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    ***September 2020 INLAND Spousal PR***

    You can get Ohip with AIP or with OWP and full time employment lasting at least 6 months
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    CPC Mississauga Updates?

    I had this happen on June 9th. Just got SA today
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    *** December 2020 Inland Spousal Sponsorship ***

    I just recieved SA email this morning Timeline: Application received - December 7/20 Biometrics email - January 13/21 Pre AOR - March 16/21 AOR - May 10/21 Biometrics request email - May 10/21 ECAS says in process - May 10/21 Biometrics given + approved - May 17/21 Medical request - June 15/21...
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    URGENT- PR spousal sponsorship paperwork returned

    Oh okay. You didn't need one then. One less thing to worry about! It's awful waiting for it!
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    URGENT- PR spousal sponsorship paperwork returned

    I am sponsoring my American husband and we had our March 2020 inland app returned October 2020. Resubbed December 2020. Double check the date on your FBI Identity history and your passport sized photos. We had to get both redone as both had expired and could not be used for the resubmission...
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    Biometrics - exempt or...?

    Did you ever get any clarification on this?
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    *** December 2020 Inland Spousal Sponsorship ***

    We just recieved AOR! December 7th applied was recieved
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    *** December 2020 Inland Spousal Sponsorship ***

    Got our email this morning as well. Application recieved by ircc Mississauga December 7th. Still a long waiting game ahead unfortunately.
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    My application returned I’m frustrated and angry . Use of representative form not signed ?!?! It’s not mandatory I waited 7 months

    Our first application was received march 2020 and returned incomplete in October due to missing postal code for an American family member. It sucks. I totally feel your pain but unfortunately there is nothing you can o about it except resubmit a complete application. You will have to get a few...