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    I have Canada PR card - Can I travel to Canada during COVID?

    Hi I have a Canada PR card since two years. However I have not made the move to Canada yet. Soft landing has already been completed. I am presently on H1b visa living in USA. I see that I am allowed to fly to Canada right now. I would like to know - what other information do I need provide to...
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    First landing in Montreal

    Thank you for your answer
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    First landing in Montreal

    No I have not. I got it through Express Entry - Federal Skilled Worker. I have return flight the same day to India
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    PR First landing in Montreal

    I got my PR through Express Entry. Can I do my first landing in Montreal? Then take a flight the same day out of Montreal?
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    First landing in Montreal

    I am looking to do my first landing. Can I do it in Montreal? I have a return flight the same day.
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    First Landing in Canada

    I am looking to do my first landing in Canada and travel back the same day. I have a few questions regarding the same. 1. Can I give my relatives address during the landing process? if the officer asks if I am going to stay there, should I just lie and say yes or be truthful about it? 2. Can...
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    Annex A with Passport

    Recently, I got an email to send my passport and two photos to the Canadian Consulate. However, I was also asked to attach "Annex A" - completed and signed. I tried looking for it all over the website, but unable to find a proper Annex A application. Where can I find this?
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    Filing tax returns after becoming a Permanent Resident

    Few scenario questions: 1. On PR and I have no income - Should I still file tax returns? ( Assuming I do not need the benefits mentioned here)? 2. On PR and I have no income and only lived 2 weeks in one whole year in Canada - Should I still file the tax returns?? (Assuming I do not need the...
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    Renew Canadin PR

    I am looking for documentation on the same. Would you be able to provide an online resource or from Immigration website relating to what you have mentioned?
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    Renew Canadin PR

    "Voluntarily renouncing the PR status" ---- Will this or having PR in the past affect the new PR application??
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    Canada and/ or US Tax

    If a person is on H1b in USA. Working full time, and the person has also had PR from Canada. He/ she is staying only 3- 4 weeks a year in Canada (less than 183 days a year). Does he pay the US or Canada Tax?? or Both? PS: I understand there is a residency obligation (2 out of 5 years) to...
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    PR Revoked new application

    Thank you for your reply canuck_in_uk. Could you please provide me with some official sources regarding it. Thank you
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    PR Revoked new application

    Hi If my PR is revoked for not meeting the residency requirement ( PR status is revoked by the adjudicator/ visa officer). 1. Now, can I do a fresh PR application? 2. Will my past affect my brand new express entry application?