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    Living in Vancouver and working in Seattle?

    Yes BC MSP says you must be a resident and present at least 6 months in calendar year. If this was someone commuting and making every day of their week count in Canada then they will suffice the requirement.
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    Living in Vancouver and working in Seattle?

    I don't think owning a home would make difference. Being on H1B and working cross borders doesn't seem to be an issue as long as you are able to commute and get taxes figured out on both sides. I checked with company legal and they just needed to update my address.
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    Living in Vancouver and working in Seattle?

    Hopefully this post will help someone in my situation :) I've been travelling every other day between Seattle and South Surrey for past few months and making sure every day counts. Working on H1B in states and PR in Canada. Definitely there is significant cost involved with the travel back and...
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    Track your PR card timeline and processing times here

    Just wanted to post my timeline as its been quite a long journey so far...Hope this helps someone over here. Landed - June 03 2016 at Pearson Int Airport. Called CIC Jul 22nd to make sure there were no photo requests and was told that card went to production on Jul 18th. Called again Aug 23rd...
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    FSW Outland - Let's connect here

    Hi guys just wanted to let you guys know that I have received my PPR request today.....feel so relieved. I have been a silent follower in this forum and this is really a great place to get all info and I appreciate each and every one who helped me in. Special Thanks to Tomneversfield and...
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    AOR in August 2015

    Here's my timeline FSW outland: ITA Received: June 26th Medicals done: July 10th e-medical sent: July 15th Application Submitted: Aug 17th Application Confirmation & AOR received: Aug 17th Medical Passed(Family EDE): Aug 26th: ECAS Access: not yet!
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    CANADA PR landing experience & returned to USA on same day

    You dont need a visa to return to USA if you have valid I797/H1 approval copy. You can use AVR (Automatic revalidation) if you intend to return back in 30 days. hope this helps
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    Hope This helps... Here's my FBI PCC Timeline: Application received date: April 6th 2015 CC Charged: June 16th 2015 FBI PCC Received: June 24th 2015 Date on FBI PCC: June 22nd 2015
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    PCC from Indian Consulate (Houston) or any in USA

    Thanks for the reply! Do we need notarize copies of passport and related that we submit to them! Thanks again.
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    PCC from Indian Consulate (Houston) or any in USA

    Hello, I would like to know if any one who have applied for PCC in houston or any other in USA recently. Will they hold the passport till the PCC is issued after submitting in person. Any experience is really appreciated thank you much!
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    Express Entry 11th Draw Results

    Still waiting for ITA. How long does it usually take after the draw is done? Thanks!