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    Processing time too long

    hi, a call to the Immigrant Visa number of the Canadian High Commission in Accra will give you a recorded message which states that applications of Jan 2003 are now being worked on. I guess your turn will soon come.
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    Points for close relatives

    Hi PMM, What happens if it's my elderly cousin's daughter? That's going to call for a lot of birth certs. And in any case, even though her daughter has one, my cousin never had a birth certificate herself (registration of births & deaths in my country until recently was largely ignored by...
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    Please help need to verify

    <<You can still qualify to apply for skilled worker even if your occupation is not in the list of 38 if you have a job offer. You do not need to hire a consultant but you can if you want to.>> Leon, is it true that even if you have a job offer, it has to be in the Great 38 before you'll be...
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    wife principal applicant for FSW, can i show husband provident fund and bank

    like Rely has said, so long as your husband & child are part of your immigration team members, your total monies make up the $16K.
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    how to convince employers?

    Leon, do you know any such employer? I just might need one, especially since I can't find myself in the 38 NOCs!!!
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    Work experience letter and refusal from employer!!!

    Wouldn't a signed-off job description and / or job objectives form help?
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    Which comes first - PNP or Federal Skilled Application?

    I am in the process of putting together my application under the Federal Skilled Worker Program which according to the processing times in my country can take anything up to 72 months. At the same time, I'll try to get a job to enable me apply under the PNP program. Let's say I'm successful...