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    Pr application 2020 timeline

    what I meant is that it would be unlikely that they process all 3 segments of the pr process which are criminality, security, and medical in only 1 year. typically medical takes 6 months, criminality up to a year, and security again up to a year. when its been almost 8 months and still no news...
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    Pr application 2020 timeline

    it made me wonder to go and and imagine if just AOR takes a year. god knows whats gonna happen for the rest of the procedures.
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    Pr application 2020 timeline

    Im February 2020 applicant and still no AOR. It makes me go crazy. because how hard can it be to put all the documents in one place. we already have been checked for security criminality and medical conditions before the hearing and we have to go through this process one more time. it is...
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    Pr application 2020 timeline

    Guys i have a question so with the current trend in the application processing for 2020 applicants , do u think they gonna send the AOR later than march/april 2021? Because im planning to spend my time out of canada and its been almost 8 month since they have received my application and nothing...
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    Time line for Permanent Residence application for Refugees

    So true . Like i remember i went to the ircc centre and more than 50% of them were old obese white karens above 50 60 .
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    RTD applications 2020

    I personally believe that since there is no organization that you can refer your complaints to , they do what ever they want and whenever they want and they dont respond to anybody. And when you get exhausted or angry, they simply say we are sorry , thats it . I dont need you to say you are...
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    RTD applications 2020

    Srsly the just play with words and want to send you so u can follow a loose end, my rtd was issued 25th of june and from that time im still waiting so they can send it out , i told them that i have urgent issues and i have to leave . They said its only matter of days and you will get ur rtd...
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    how long can a protected person stay out of canada?

    Hi guys I have a question. with these exceptional circumstances and no straight prediction about how long our PR process gonna take. I wanted to travel to a third country to take care of my sick father while my application gets processed. so I was wondering that, is there any restriction on how...
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    Express rtd processing

    Hey guys About a week ago i sent a request to ircc that one of my close relatives is having a serious cardiac disease and i have to get out of canada for a month and then come back around august . I received an email today that they said “We understand your concern and we verified the...
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    Pr application 2020 timeline

    Same here i didnt recieve anything yet
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    As a Permanent Resident, should I get a travel document?

    Yes till you stay as in canada for 3 years after your pr and get your canadian passport
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    The most time consuming process of pr

    And if you dont have to do background check because you were in canada since you were 17 , does it mean that the pr process gonna be faster ?
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    The most time consuming process of pr

    Hi again guys Whats the most time consuming process of pr? Is it getting security clearance or medical or getting dm? Thx
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    police certificate for pr 2020

    Hi I was wondering if I have to provide a certificate while my application is in the process. the thing is i was in Canada since i was 17.
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    PR application December 2019 applicants or after that

    even fro NOD, i remember our guy canuck mentioned that yea u have to wait for at least 3 to 6 months to get it but I got it in 10 days. there has to be a way to accelerate the thing.