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    LGBT refugee claimants

    Good news for the LGBT community around the world who are looking for a safe refuge
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    Entry back to Canada using please

    Thank you Lasso and as I said before a permanent resident travel document is a must. Someone needs to make sure he or she all the required documents especially if they are not Canadian citizens yet.
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    Entry back to Canada using please

    do you have any links that show the CORP is okay to use to cross US-Can borders for in-Canada protected person (PR person)?
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    Entry back to Canada using please

    I heard they changed the laws of using CORP when crossing borders by car.
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    Entry back to Canada using please

    First of all, confirmation of pr is not valid for travel as it says on that piece of paper (It is typed there). They always say that you should inform the immigration of officer during the PR interview that you have a scheduled trip so he/she can issue you Permanent Resident Travel Document (IMM...
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    make a refugee claim in airport or IRCC office

    Tell the immigration officer that you want to claim asylum in Canada. He will explain the whole process for you. They will provide a translator for you in Arabic so you don't have to worry about the language barrier.
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    Refugee Travel Document - Questions and Answers

    Re: NO help from Government if you RTD is lost outside of Canada Do you have a PR card?
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    My Wife want to deliver and i didn't receive the refugee papers how to deliver

    What province do you live in? each province is different with regards costs, the beginning of the health insurance coverage/ health services..
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    HELP! Escaping from Ukraine

    I think you are like this real life..telling people what to do and what not to do. Take care of your personal matter before telling people what to do in their life.
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    Required documents for PR application (protected persons)

    He's married and coming through the US according to his previous posts
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    Required documents for PR application (protected persons)

    of course it is necessary..Think of everything that you can prove to someone (YOU DON'T KNOW) [color=red][u]who YOU ARE/ WHO THAT WOMAN IS/ WHO THOSE KIDS ARE
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    Required documents for PR application (protected persons)

    Passport along with the following if you have them marriage cetificates to prove relationship/marriage Photos of the marriage mutual Bills/banks accounts National ID Voter ID birth certificates etc. all must be translated to English or French
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    Montreal - Landing Interview Timeline

    I don't think they would call. everything is online nowadays. They will send you an email.