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    is USA visa a travel document?

    A travel document is something that you can use as a basis to come to Canada. There are a few things that count. By law, the PR Card and PR Travel Documents are considered travel documents. Refugees also get travel documents, and Canada issues them to Stateless people. Emergency Travel...
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    not sure of the entry/exit at border

    The US didn't stamp you because you were turned around and didn't enter. Canada asked for your card because you were entering Canada. In other words, you left Canada, but you didn't enter the United States. You then re-entered Canada.
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    FBI PCC Dilemma - To Submit profile or not to submit

    I sent a case-specific enquiry with the updated info before they processed it, and it wasn't an issue.
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    A couple of questions...

    Question 19/20/21: That would likely be acceptable. If you want to make it obvious (and have less risk of problems), put the day you are applying. Question 21: Yes. You should follow the checklist: I do not see the supplementary...
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    Leaving Canada before receiving PR card

    @ajithj is correct. Your PR card and your PR status have nothing to do with other, other than your card being presumptive proof that you have status. Leaving and coming back without a PR card no effect on your status, and you can even live in Canada for 20 years and never renew your card if...
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    Am i eligible for Nexus card???

    It's 3 years living in the US or Canada. The purpose of it is to ensure that they can run a background check on recent criminal activity. As such, it's from the date you started residing in either country. It's not tied to your PR country - for example, if you lived in the US for 3 years on a...
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    Entering Canada by land with expired PR card - RO not met

    Yep. They can't deny a Permanent Resident a status document, by law. To deny the status document (barring procedural issues, incomplete applications, etc.), they have to strip one of PR status. That case was rather weird, and they violated procedural fairness. Unlike temporary residents...
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    Entering Canada by land with expired PR card - RO not met

    You likely will be reported. It entirely depends on the mood of the agent. When people are reported, a hearing is scheduled, and barring Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds, status is generally lost. If you want to keep PR status, you should follow the rules, or have a very good reason for...
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    Do I need eTA if I land?

    Regardless of what the CIC site says, the CoPR is not valid for travel, and the airlines won't let you fly without an eTA, visa, or status document.
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    eTA for landing?

    No, it cannot. Despite what the CIC website may imply, the CoPR is not a travel document. It literally says so on it. If you have landed (CoPR is signed), you are a permanent resident. You don't need a eTA, and you aren't eligible for one anyway. If you...
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    Entering Canada by land with expired PR card - RO not met

    They pretty much have to. The IRPA states: If you have status, you are entitled to a status document, so if they deny you one, you have problems.
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    What should I tell the CBSA officer if I get caught to be a PR?

    Do not lie. You are not required to volunteer information, but lying is a serious offence. The CBSA has the right to search anything crossing the border. That includes your electronic devices. If they choose to look, and find any emails that would indicate looking for a job, planning on...
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    SECONDARY REVIEW, an insult to Canadian Permanent Residents

    Like any free country, you are free to leave. Returning is a right for Citizens - for everyone else, it's a privilege, and they are free to place what restrictions upon it they wish. Permanent Residents have the right to enter, but that does not mean that the airlines necessarily have a right...
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    Using COPR to reenter Canada from the US

    I respond to questions as I read through the thread sequentially. There's a risk of duplication, but it avoids missing things.