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    PGWP approved today - Now what visa to apply for?

    You need to apply for the Temporary Resident Visa to return to Canada.
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    Study permit refused. Need assistance for second time application

    Thank you for reminding me. I am not providing any immigration services. However, I think getting these notes are very normal. Any Canadian citizenship can do it. You can get all kinds of notes from the government. I used to see some services offering at $50; hence, I thought this one is good...
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    Study permit refused. Need assistance for second time application

    GIC is Guaranteed investment cerfificate https://www.cibc.com/en/personal-banking/investments/gics.html
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    If i get PR can i support my common in law?

    You should declare him in your application and you both get PR at the same time
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    Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship 2019

    I have a question for passport. Do we need to submit the whole passport (i.e every pages) of the principal applicants and dependents? Or we just need to submit the pages that have name and signature? Thank you
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    Parents immigration and other queries

    Dad and mom are not considered as dependent family members in PR applications. They can't immigrate at the same time with you. They need to wait until you get PR, get 3 years income above minimum cut off and are selected to apply PR through a lottery draw. If you are lucky, you can start to...
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    Changes on Oct 11, 2017 - Executive summary/FAQ C-6

    For question 11, May I know what to put for Name of Contact, email address, phone number when you are a student? Thank you
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    You should ask your wife to evaluate her degree and take IELTS. When you have a spouse, your point may be reduced. You can lose anywhere up to 40 points depending on your spouse education and language score.
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    Why my express entry profile comes ineligible even with a score of 433?

    you may not realize that NOC code 1434 does not qualify for Express Entry since this is a leve C job. Hence, you can't be qualified for EE now. You will need to find a way to improve your situation first before applying, such as find a better job or get a better degree such as Master, and so on...
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    Why my express entry profile comes ineligible even with a score of 433?

    If you do not have 67 for now, you may need to work another few month/ a year or get a better IELTS/ get another diploma. You have to explore the option based on your scenario.
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    Why my express entry profile comes ineligible even with a score of 433?

    Which one is your main NOC and how many year of experience for it? You can not count of total of 6 years for both experience. Only the main NOC counts.
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    PR application rejected due to incomplete application

    Do not appeal. It will waste your time. CIC was correct in calculating your period in PAKISTAN. There is an example similar to your case on CIC website : http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/security/police-cert/intro.asp If your nomination has not expired yet, you need to reapply...
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    Please Help!!!!

    It is true that you can have dual intent but it should happen only after you have student visa on hand. I knew a case that she submitted both Express Entry and student visa. She got a query from an embassy for the reason for being in the Express Entry pool. Student visa is a temporary resident...
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    How I got three job offers while being outside Canada

    You are European, speak English very well and know French.You have both Master from Holland and MBA from a well known US school. You got jobs in dreaming companies, Google and Twitter. What else can an employer ask for? You are a perfect candidate.
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    immigrant visa will expire

    h t tp s://w w w.justlanded.com/english/Canada/Articles/Visas-Permits/Expired-visa-means-another-3-year-wait You may want to read this article and make the best decision for your family. If you are not the primary applicant, the primary applicant and other family members can land first to...