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    (URGENT) Interview for Study Visa

    If you attached an SOP to your application, go back to your copy and study it closely. The question shouldn't be more than why you chose the course/program and why not your country, future plans, school choice, employment, personal and family information etc
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    Use google to search through the thread, there are lots of samples in here that can guide you.
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    One year Master's - Good way to get more CRS points?

    If a PR is the main aim, you should consider enrolling for another 1yr program prior before the completion of the first. BTW a Master is a Master.
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    Study Permit in the UAE (Abu Dhabi)- Non-Local/Expat

    You should relax. Because the website says 4 weeks doesn't mean all application can be processed within that time frame. However, if your application has pass the processing time, you can send an email or CSE to IRCC.
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    Study permit can be changed?

    You can always change your course or school without any hassle. You should do well to update your Gckey online account via IRCC website to the new DLI number of the school. However, before intiating, endeavour to carry your school alone.
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    Study permit delay

    Hello, Your application is going on as it suppose to be. I want to be that your application is still within the processing time of your country. You will surely get a response from them.
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    Urgent Help Procedural Letter

    Hello, You have nothing to worry about if the statement is legit, just sure you abide to IRCC instructions and give them what they requested for. Thus, if you used an agent to apply, better interrogate the person very well so you don't waste your time responding to the request and also, not to...
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    University of Manitoba Fall 2020

    You can go with either or clearly check which letter properly states your program start and end date, course, tuition fee and other sundry information on the letter and go with that.
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    Refuse my study permit sunsection 216(1)

    How old are you? Why a secondary school and not a post secondary school program? How did you show or demonstrated as home tie? Like every person has advised, do well to request for your gcms notes. You can get it from this third party site:
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    PTE score

    IElTS or TOEFL is your best bet.
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    Misrepresentation visa refusal

    You still stand a chance of getting visas to other countries, especially if you don't lie about the respresentation and ban when asked.
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    Misrepresentation visa refusal

    Don't waste your time and resources. However, you can channel them and try your luck elsewhere. All the best
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    Passport question

    It is safe to get the renewed passport since you still have time at hand. There won't be problem traveling with both.
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    can any one give universities for masters program

    Hello, Your profile is good and stand a chance of a possible admission. However, securing an admission is also based on the discretion of the graduate committee of who to admit irrespective of your good grades. You can check these universities out 1. University of Windsor 2. Concordia...
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    Transfer student

    It is very possible. Just for clarity, are you a transfer student (as a requirement/part of your program) or a student just wanting to transfer to other school? However, if is a requirement as part of your program, speak to your department, they would advise you better but if you are...