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    I got my CoPR. What do I need to bring to the immigration officer in port of entry

    I got my CoPR under federal skilled worker express entry. I'm living in Toronto now, but I need to leave the country and enter again. But the CoPR doesn't mention the documents I need to bring to the port of entry, or what documents the immigration officer will ask. Any suggestions on the list...
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    How long will CIC take to return my passport?

    Have you got any response from the embassy yet?
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    How long will CIC take to return my passport?

    Thanks for the clarification. Finger crossed until I get my passport back.
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    How long will CIC take to return my passport?

    Hi, I sent my passport to the below address as part of my passport request. The email said it was the final request and i dont know what this means. Does it mean my PR application got approved? How long does it take for CIC to process and send back my passport? I need to travel to US in a...
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    Do I need to send a physical copy of the photo after the TRV online application is approved?

    Hi, I am wondering if we need to send copies of the photograph along with the passport when the online TRV application is approved. the thing is I have digital copies which I used for the express entry, and will need to take a new one if they need physical copies for the TRV. So is the digital...
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    I'm having trouble getting experience letter from my previous company. Any alternative advice?

    I'm currently living in Canada in a study permit. I'm applying for the Canadian PR, and as part of the application, I'm required to submit a detailed work experience letter. The experience letter I have now only had the work dates, designation. I'm trying to get a detailed experience letter from...
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    Can I drive in Canada with an Indian license after two years?

    I have a full Indian license. I came to Ontario in Fall 2015. I'm attending a conference in Banff on July 2017 and need a car to travel between Calgary and Banff. I'm in a Student temporary resident visa. Can I rent a car and drive for 4 days in Alberta? Note: I have a G1 in Canada and drive...