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    TRV online application for Indian - Canadian Credit card payment

    Hi Sharma, Any news on your father's TRV? Since you used your credit card for payment, any problems with that from IRCC as you are the sponsor. Thanks.
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    Paper-based TRV application processing time (India)

    Have not applied yet. But would like to. Have you applied online or paper-based application? Would to like to share some information? Also is online processing faster now than before or paper-based application is? Thanks.
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    Paper-based TRV application processing time (India)

    Hello all, I would like to know about paper-based TRV application processing time in India? Thanks in advance.
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    Visitors Visa (TRV) Processing time 2016 India

    Hi, As per my information, the medical exam is not required for TRV (unless a person has traveled to certain country). Could you please correct me if I am wrong.
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    Wrong information in records - (GCMS notes)

    Hi Brayanna, Thanks again for the reply. Yes, you are right about my ties in India. I agree with you. However, surprisingly ties to my home country was not listed among the reasons of rejection. I am planning to re-apply and definitely add the proofs of being present in the country I visited...
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    Wrong information in records - (GCMS notes)

    Hi Bryanna and Hansi, Thanks for your inputs. Yes, I do have a proof of leaving USA in 2014 (as I traveled directly to some countries before coming to India). And also being in India and travelling to another country during the time they have mentioned (2015) that I was in USA for six months...
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    TRV for less than 6 months study

    Hi, Thanks for your input. I did not visit the USA at all in that year so being there legally or illegally is out of question. I was on student visa and provided all the papers which shows the legal status to be in USA and that was the year before. They clearly have wrong information on my...
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    TRV for less than 6 months study

    Hello all, I applied for TRV this year but got rejection and they have wrong information in my records such as visiting USA for six months in 2015 whereas I left USA after my graduation in 2014 and after that I have not visited it. Now, I am thinking to do a certificate course which is less...
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    Wrong information in records - (GCMS notes)

    Hi all, I applied for TRV and got rejected. Now I just received my GCMS notes and came to know that they have wrong information when it comes to certain things. I was on student visa in USA until 2014 and after that I never visited it. But GCMS notes says that I was in USA for 6 months in 2015...
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    GCMS noted after TRV rejection

    Hi all, Could anyone please tell me that how can I order GCMS notes after my TRV rejection? Thanks in advance.
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    Docs - After TRV rejection in India

    Hi all, I applied for TRV and got rejected and the reasons I got from CIC are given below. -Travel History (Even though I have stayed in (and returned from) USA after my completion of studies & traveled to African country and UAE) -Purpose of visit (It was stated as tourism) -Length of stay (I...
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    Itinerary without applicant's name?

    Thanks for the reply. Yes, because I prefer not to purchase airline ticket before the TRV is issued (just like everyone else) and I am only able to save and send itinerary to myself and there is no option of entering my name so wanted to clear this matter.
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    Itinerary without applicant's name?

    Hi all, I am wondering that the itinerary that we are supposed to send with the application MUST show my name or not? I have it without my name on it so wanted to make sure about it. Any website suggestion would be great, which will give me option to add my name without making a payment...
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    Hi all, I need advice on this matter if anyone could shed some light, it would be great. Thanks in advance. I went to this agent and he is saying that I should put "self-employed" under employment. I am not working right now. He says that since I manage my father's finances and agricultural...
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    Cover letter - appropriate words

    Thanks Bryanna for your valuable reply.