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    Moving from US To Canada - Movers

    My friend has recently moved to new place hired moving company queens for his shifting procedures. Their way of working was very friendly and quality driven. My friend was very after moving, they help in all the ways and moving fragile stuffs carefully, etc.
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    First time home buying advice

    Thanks for the all the above information +1 :)
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    How to transfer money from Pakistan to Canada.

    I think you should contact your respective bank in the area and try to transfer the many online or through bank. It might be a bit long procedure but I think it should work.
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    How to transfer money from Pakistan to Canada.

    I agree with the above suggestion / comment
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    Masters Computer Science for a non CS Bachelor

    As much as I know, one has to be atleast with basics CS technical background for applying for MS or at least should have completed graduation.
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    Home Insurance

    I am also looking for some insurance company. Can anyone give me more information about it.
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    Moving from US To Canada - Movers

    Moving to another city, state or country is always challenging and stressful. Advance planning and organization will make your move go smoother. Keep all documents related to your move in one easily accessible location. Use a folder, notebook or even a daily planner to keep track of important...
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    Thanks for such a useful and detailed information.
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    Plumbing course HELP

    I don't have knowledge about migration for plumbing course, but I would like to suggest you to prepare and write the Red Seal examination for a plumber, to do it, you require 9000 hours as an plumber's apprentice.
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    Visa rejected. Plz help me

    Don't be so confuse and stressful over it. It happens sometimes, just prepare this time very well. Try to collect all the required documents one set for all. Provide with full detailed information along with all the required data filled in it. Good luck for next time.
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    Visa approved...... By God's grace

    Congratulations for visa approval. Good luck for your future.
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    Want to drop out of PhD and work full-time

    I would like to tell you to first complete your degree and then try out for some other options. If it is not possible for you hen you can also try for some part time work with your current degree source. Since completion of your degree will also open some other more option for you to try your...