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    >>>>>>>DECEMBER 2019 AOR<<<<<<< Join here

    Thank you. Hoping for the best for us all. :) I called in for eligibility and has been confirmed Met, Criminality valid since February. I raise webform from March onwards due to covid and confirmed that background verification in process throughout March then became "valid" by April.Security...
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    >>>>>>>DECEMBER 2019 AOR<<<<<<< Join here

    Everything passed also except for secutiy not initiated. December 2019 AOR and Sydney CIO, PNP Outland. :( Hope there will be an update for us all
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    >>>>>>>DECEMBER 2019 AOR<<<<<<< Join here

    Did you get any ADR so far?
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    >>> October 2019 AOR - tracking <<<< Join here

    Hi All, would also like to join the WA group for October 2019 AOR? Thanks!
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    For PINOY: About Express Entry Application. Share your idea!

    Pde po makijoin sa WA group? Thank you! Oct 2019 AOR po.
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    >>>>>>>OCTOBER 2019 AOR<<<<<<< Join here

    Hi Guys, Received my AOR on October 17. I also want to join the WhatsApp group. Thank you!
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    Preview My Score

    Hi All, Preview My Score keeps getting a " Our system is currently unavailable. Please try again later" Can anyone please let me know how to get over this? I just wanna make sure my CRS is fine still.
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    "Government Positions"

    Hi All My husband(secondary applicant) is working for a private company (agency) but he is assigned to a government subsidiary/entity (Land Transport Authority). His payroll is under that particular private company. He is not a civil servant and he is considered foreigner. Will this still be...
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    Delete spouse work experience

    Hi all, I am planning to delete my spouse’ s work experiences in the Work Experience tab and placing all of it in Letter of Explanation. Not claiming points since it is foreign experience. just a question, is this OK? Does it speed up application or actually slow it down? Thank you
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    OINP- PNP - Tech draw July12 - NOI with CRS pls - let's discuss here

    Received email first :) You should be getting soon! They're processing August 14-18 submissions.
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    OINP- PNP - Tech draw July12 - NOI with CRS pls - let's discuss here

    Updated Timeline: NOI August 1, 2019 Submitted - August 14, 2019 Assessment - August 23, 2019 DIP - September 3, 2019 Nomination - October 1, 2019 2174 TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY
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    Should I mention about Small Claims Court

    This happened also8-9 years ago. Can you please advise? My pcc also been clean for the two times i asked for PCC
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    Should I mention about Small Claims Court

    Hi All, I went to Small Claims court in order to pay a debt that costs only 100 CAD or so. (Left job after 2 weeks and had to pay as per contract) May I know if I should mention this since this is not a criminal case, no conviction, no record in PCC as well, all debt paid. Not claiming for...