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    Open Study Permit: Please help

    I am also filling a study permit for kids accompanying Father on Work Permit. What to fill in expected cost of education ? I need to enter some numbers ? And filling Not Applicable in other study fields is acceptable ? A side question, is there a dependent spouse visa for WP applicant or is...
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    Question on WP Application from outside Canada

    I am trying to fill closed Work Permit application for my brother who got job offer and positive LMIA from Candian Employer. I have few queries on the question in the WP application 1. What is the status of your job offer? Temporay - more than 6 months or Permanent While I heard that WP is...
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    Soft PR Landing - drove from US

    For Soft landing, you can drive anytime weekday or weekend. I drove on Saturday (Nov 3rd) reached around 7 pm at Fort Erie, landing happens all the time. There is only condition for weekdays for people doing flagpoling ( these people are within Canada and want to update their status etc ) For...
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    Retaining US phone number in Canada

    Thanks. I am currently on Ultra mobile and pay $19/month , I am still in US. I am likely to keep the same plan for now. I would not be using this number in Canada though.
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    Buying a home in Canada with US credit rating

    You can also store your stuff in relocubes I although they are smaller than trailers) for $150/month Just to confirm, did you mention all your stuff in goods to follow list ? You can bring what you declared earlier ( assuming you have done landing )
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    Buying a home in Canada with US credit rating

    :) Appreciate your active responses on this forum. I was able to get most of the information on the topics I asked. But there will be lots to know from people who moved earlier. Please share the link for the group or should I send my number on private message.
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    Buying a home in Canada with US credit rating

    Is there any Whatsapp group like this, I would want to join it. New comers from US to Canada.
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    LMIA application processing time?

    Congrats. You were eligible for fast track processing I think ?
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    Working remotely from Canada in US company as Canadian PR

    Thanks. I believe I will have to provide a physical address for company address, they do not accept PO Box addresses. Do you have any suggestion on that. I have not moved in there. I can probably provide a friend's address as of now but can I change it ( company address ) later ? So, you are...
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    Working remotely from Canada in US company as Canadian PR

    I meant that as per company, I can be working on H1B Visa while being living in Canada. They wanted me to explore other options and were sure I can not work on H1B with being in Canada ( although I still feel some company allow it but it may not be a long term solution )
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    Working remotely from Canada in US company as Canadian PR

    This is a really informative thread. I have a similar question and some part of it may have been answered. I am on H1B since last 4 years with a US company. That company has a Canadian Client and I recently got my Canada PR. I inquired with HR and they ( after checking with their legal attorney...
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    OINP employer job offer stream 2017

    I read Application Guide for Foreign worker stream, Below lines suggest, the successful application will get nomination certificate which gives you 600 points. This is not paper based but online. Can someone please confirm on this ? And...
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    *Best* cell phone provider/plans for new immigrants

    Does anyone has any recommendations for cell phone plan/provider. I have my own phone and want to get a new connection. When I did my soft landing in November, I got a prepaid Lucky Mobile number from Walmart. That got inactivated and I will need a new connection around May 2019 when I move...
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    Retaining US phone number in Canada

    I have a question on this.If I port my US number to Google Hangouts, will I still get text messages like from bank websites etc where they send online code to enter. My phone number is included at a lot of places like Bank, Insurance policy, credit card etc. Just wanted to confirm the text will...