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    Guidance on BSF186 form

    I have always tried to use the terms 'land to declare PR' and 'land as settler' as they are two quite different instances which can either be undertaken on the same landing OR 'land as settler' later. The 'land as settler' later (i.e. 'soft landing' first) is something that many people...
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    Guidance on BSF186 form

    You understanding is incorrect. There IS a difference between 'landing as PR' and 'landing as settler'. Yes, you can of course do both landings at the same time, in which case you would need your GTA and GTF lists. But it is very common for people (including me) to first land to declare PR as...
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    Visitor extension for the 4th time to gather proof of common-law

    Some ideas here:
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    Landing / PR card issues

    1. You can give them a friends address but your friend has to be willing to do this. There is nothing wrong about this. It is just if 5he CBSA fficer asks how long you will be at that address, you must answer honestly. They may then not accept it and tell you to confirm your permanent address...
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    Waiting to activate COPR US/Canada

    Entirely your decision. You can activate the CoPR on any trip you like as long as it has not expired. You will have a problem trying to board a flight back to Canada if you land earlier and activate the CoPR and dont yet have your PR card. You would need to apply for a PRTD once overseas at...
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    Passport Bio page

    Depends. Is the PA from a visa exempt country? If so, then it might be the last step before approval. If not, then it is just them gathering information and may yet be a while before decision.
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    Guidance on BSF186 form

    All you neeed to know here Note that you do NOT need to do your GTA and GTF lists on a soft landing, only when you finally land as settler (all explained in the link)
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    Passport Bio page

    It means what it says. They are saying that you either renew that passport and send a copy of the bio page of the new passport OR confirm that you understand that the expiry date on the CoPR will be no longer than the expiry date of the existing passport and that you will be able to land in...
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    ECAS Decision made 2019, but gckey status says your application in progress..

    Happens all the time I'm afraid! I would assume you have DM and if you are from a visa required country, you could expect a passport request within days or a couple of weeks.
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    Can not link PR card application

    Yep. Allow a week either side, so give it 4 to 6 weeks from landing.
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    Canada Citizen living in India since 3 years

    You are Canadian, that's it. Full stop. You can return to Canada at any time as long as you travel on a Canadian passport. You need no visa and no immigration formalities. All you might need for customs is a goods to follow list if you are miving back for good.
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    Which Visa procedure makes the most sense?

    +1 to what Jets13 said. Basically spousal sponsorship would be the most likely to work, BUT you would either have to get married, OR live together for 12 continuous months (and have the required evidence to prove it etc.), only then you could apply as Inland Common Law Spousal Sponsorship...
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    File transferred to another VO

    It can happen. Sometimes they seem to use Mississauga for straightforward cases, occasionally, Mississauga will transfer it on to a VO appropriate to the PA's nationality (e.g. London, NY etc.).
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    Landing from US- New car purchase after Landing

    All discussed here: