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    Hi , I am permanant resident of canada and so is my husband. I want to extend my PR as I am in my home COUNTRY due to my old sick mother. I am running short of time . I just completed 10 months out of 24 (extension of PR , not citizenship). I want to extend my PR TIME / as I guess I wont be...
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    Found work in different NOC after PPR but Before Landing.

    Trust me you are lucky to got the job from home. how did you do that? plz help
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    Thanks for replying - YES I did, no luck . I am a geophysicist MSc. 17 yrs experience in multinational and national oil and gas sector + MBA HR +TEACHING EXPERIENCE . Traveled round the world , fluent in english language -But even small jobs offers arent there.Regards
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    Dear All , I have come to Canada the third time, to full fill my number of days. Every time I tried to look for work. Posted resume on job-boards Applied in schools for assistant teacher Warehouse : data entry,light packing and packaging etc all these are survival jobs.Even registered...
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    Head Hunters

    Hi, I have been trying for a job and rental . No luck so far. I will be much obliged if I can get contact info of Head hunters who helps to look for the job or rentals. Time is short .I am arriving in May this year plz help .Thank you P.S. Mississauga Glenerin dr or around Toronto downtown -...
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    WhatsApp Group for rentals in GTA (Toronto) area

    Thank you I havea ready joined
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    WhatsApp Group for rentals in GTA (Toronto) area

    Hi There , I am looking for accomondation for six months may extend later .I am single. with no job. This is my third visit to Canada and am an immigrant. Please write me on
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    looking for accommodation

    Hi There , I will be arriving in Toronto in first week of June 2018. Looking for shared accommodation with Pakistani Female, in Toronto. Preferably near subway station and a Market . With Utilities No pets, no smoking Peace and quiet enviroment . Rent than more than 800 CAD $ Ks
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    Big issue

    This is my third visit under PR. BUT now I m financialy down. I
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    Big issue

    I am an immigrant. Will be landing in Toronto in first week of my June. I don't have much money and no job- I WONDERING WHAT TO DO? PLZ A
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    Job - social workers

    I WILL arrive in Toronto last week of May. I hv no job offer and less money. I heard social workers help New immigrant find a job.can anyone explain
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    Looking for accommodation

    Hi I WILL be landing in Toronto this April.i m looking for low rental place for one lady myself. One room
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    PR Status

    Hi everyone, My hubby and I have a PR card. I am completing my days in Canada: Few months in Canada and than few months outside Canada. Before Five years, I will complete my PR obligation. But my husband cannot, due to some unavoidable circumstances. I am the principal applicant. Kindly let me...