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    Anyone applying through SDS got rejection based on proof of finance?

    Mine was approved a while ago, so I think as long as you show all the required proofs, you should be fine. I had only given my GIC and first year tuition fees paid proofs.
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    Will i get visa for jan 2020 with these marks?

    No offense, but you have no chance at any of the Canadian universities. The lowest ranked university, Algoma University, requires 65% minimum and you only have 63.6%. York University will not give you an offer. The colleges will give you offers because they accept anyone as long as you can pay...
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    Barcode Page question

    If you have submitted the correct form for your application, then it doesn't matter how many barcodes it has.
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    Wrong name on my study permit

    Call IRCC if you are already in Canada. If you are overseas, send them a Webform.
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    Minor student travelling alone

    17 years old is old enough. The legal age of consent is 16 in Canada.
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    Dude, we are not wizards. State your profile clearly and then maybe we can analyse your situation.
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    Carleton university

    There is a co-op program for Cognitive Science at Carleton University.
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    Carleton university

    Yes, your son can definitely work part time. If he is taking Bachelor of Cognitive Science, then it is roughly 4 years. Though, part time income alone will not be enough for tuition fees. I recommend that your son takes the co-op program and that income might be enough to pay for tuition.
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    Rather confusing, but as long as the fees accounts for the entirety of your first year, it should be alright.
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    On your school's Offer letter, it should state the tuition fees (or estimated tuition fees) for your first year. Pay the amount stated. On your receipt, there should be a name for the fees that you have paid. Otherwise, the VO will be unable to distinguish between the tuition fees and the...
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    Oh dude, that was a big mistake. If you applied under Non SDS, then it is fine. But you are applying under SDS, and for SDS, it is specifically stated that you must show proof of payment of your tuition fees for the First year of studies. So you must pay the entire tuition fees for the 1st year...
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    No, it is a sign that you are refused. Ah, I am just joking with you. You got approved, congrats!
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    Suggest me. Urgent!!!

    In your case, RRU is probably your best choice. When it comes to finding a good job, that depends on you. RRU is a decent university, so you will have access to a decent network there. However, it is up to you how well you can make use of the network. You need to make a good resume, get the...
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    What documents are needed for bringing cash into Canada?

    I am planning to bring 10,000 CAD in cash into Canada. This cash is already converted into Canadian dollars. What documents do I need to show as proof of the source of this cash, at the border? What documents do I need to show to a Canadian bank when I want to deposit this cash into my Canadian...
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    Sds for double MAsters

    Your grades and work experiences are all very good. But you still need to explain why you would want to pursue another Masters and why another Masters in the field you have applied for? Going for PhD is definitely the better choice. Masters to PhD is a natural and logical progression and I would...