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    job experience cash in hand

    Thanks. Also the institute is not registered. Will that create a problem?
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    job experience cash in hand

    Hi, I have worked as a tutor in a private coaching institute which is not registered. I was paid in hand. Is this acceptable for work experience?
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    Please HELP me selecting NOC b/w 4021 or 4216

    hi. I m going through a similar situation.I have worked at a private tuition centre, which is not registered. Could you please guide which NOC should i pick. Is private work experience acceptable?? Moreover, i only have an experience letter as proof
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    [Urgent][Confused] IMM 5669 Family name for Parents

    hi. Im very confused as i have to fill my wifes father details and he doesnt have a family name in passport. the schedule A wont be validated. Any suggestions please.
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    PR Application rejected - PCC

    Does raising web form makes a difference.can I upload a new pcc via web form if my application has been cancelled.
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    >>>>>>>>April 2019 AoR<<<<<< Join here

    Kindly add me in the WhatsApp group.