NOC Code......


AOR 23rd August CEC Inland with Spouse Outland (Accompanying)

MEP and Bio: 22nd September

GCMS notes applied : 18th October / Notes received : 12th December 2021 Primary VO : Edmonton

Submitted UPFRONT RCMP clearance certi. (via webform) - 5th November 2021

Criminality, Info sharing (both completed) and Eligibility reviewed : 22nd October (Ghost Update 1)

Eligibility marked met in case analyst notes for A11.2 and R87.1 - 22nd October (But was blank in GCMS 2nd Pg.)

Marriage Certificate : marked as review required in notes - 22nd October (Eligibility: Review Required )

06th December -(Ghost update 2) (I guess Eligibility PASSED and Security PASSED)

07th January 2022 : Called IRCC agent : Got the reply "Everything is PASSED"

Outland Spouse Received PPR - 14th Jan 2022

Portal Email received - 17th Jan
Portal Credentials received - 19th Jan
Photo and address Submitted - 19th Jan

Received eCOPR - 26th Jan. 2022
PR Card application Linked - 1st Feb 2022
Got ghost update on PR card application - 4th Feb 2022

Dependent Passport Reached IRCC 2nd Feb.
Counterfoil generated - 15th Feb.
Application Status on GCKey account APPROVED - 15th Feb

Spouse Passport and COPR received - 18th Feb 2022

PR card application got approved on GCkey - 17th Feb 2022 (We mailed your PR card message generated)

PR card received -22nd Feb 2022