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    Canada Job Seekers - New immigrant - Lets join hand.

    yeah that's the way it is. I left a very established job back in home country to come over. did two survival jobs for a month each since it was contract bases. got a good permanent job at a supervisory level in the 7th month since I came to Canada and I got so depressed after couple of months...
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    weird landing experience

    nope no forms are required. you just have to provide an address in Canada and your PR cards will be delivered there within 2 months timeframe.
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    FSW 2013 Applicants Timeline- Lets Network Here.

    yes its about the mindset but the reality check once an immigrant goes through the whole settling down thing is completely a different thing altogether. if you have any close family here like brothers and sisters or uncles and aunts who are really close enough to support is a great help. This is...
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    ****Honda Civic Si for Sale in Mississauga****

    Hi, I am leaving Canada for few months and looking to sell my used car. Any new immigrants in Canada looking to buy a used Honda are welcome to contact me here. Make/Model: Honda Civic Si - 2004 Color: Blue Mileage: 220,000/ KM Transmission: Automatic Power terrain transferable warranty for...
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    London Visa Office

    that should be their avg processing time. it took about close to 2 months for mine while wife's reached in 2 1/2 months
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    London Visa Office

    2-3 months
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    Canada immigration for Australian citizen.

    GTA for professional fields i.e. accounting, finance, customer services etc Calgary for i.e. engineering etc wages/expenses and taxes are almost same all over. residences are expensive in GTA and BC while a bit lower in prairie provinces.
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    canada's realty the tough one

    I agree with that. only 1 in thousand immigrants get that kind of pay within first year. immigration is a life changing decision and should be taken considering one may have to go back so do not burn boats. its extremely easy for new comers if they have very close family here like sisters or...
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    canada's realty the tough one

    Almost all of my career has been in Telecom and I have nt received one single interview call from any of the wireless operators in Canada. I have used all of the tricks from downgrading my resume to modifying my resume to meet a job s requirements to no avail. surprisingly the best job offer I...
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    canada's realty the tough one

    3400 $ (so I pay $ 1600 in taxes every month - I know some of it, around 2-3k $ will be reversed when I file tax returns. but at this rate I can afford to visit my native country every two years or save enough to get a mortgage in 4-5 years). I cant do both.
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    canada's realty the tough one

    I know and can understand where is this guy coming from. I am working at a job which pays $ 60k per annum which means $ 5000 per month. I live in a basement so $900 goes into rent. all said and done I only save about 400-500$ per month. if my wife starts working we will have to resort to child...
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    WHICH CITY TO LAND ? -for New Immigrants

    congrats. its hard to find a job everywhere in Canada. luckily you are a nurse which is in demand profession but do your research to be prepared for the licensing here.
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    Nope mate its almost near to impossible I mean like 99.99% impossible to get a job in a profession like retail management if you are not in Canada. if you get here somehow yes than there is lot of scope for someone with your experience. its the largest sector in Canada.