USA to Canada INLAND Spouse Visa with OWP

Sent: March 12th 2020
Received: March 18th 2020 (delayed due to COVID-19 closures)
BioMetrics Reminder Email: August 26th 2020
Inland AOR with Prospective (temporary) App # email: September 24th 2020
Actual AOR: October 24th 2020
OWP Status Change Ghost Update in GCKey: November 5th 2020
OWP Status said "Approved" in GCKey: November 6th 2020
OWP Approval Letter in GCKey: November 7th 2020
OWP Received in Mail: November 18th 2020
BioMetric Request Letter Received in GCKey: November 19th 2020
BioMetrics Completed: November 23rd 2020
Medical Request: December 15th 2020
Additional Documents Requested: January 13th 2021
SA: February 9th 2021
AIP: February 9th 2021
Medical Provided: March 24th 2021
Additional Documents Submitted: April 14th 2021
Confirmation Documents Received: April 29th 2021
ECAS status "Decision Made": April 29th 2021
CoPR: April 29th 2021