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    >>>>>>>NOVEMBER 2019 AOR<<<<<<< Join here

    I too got the same exact response. Nov AOR. It's a waste of effort to enquire through the webforms. They aren't giving out the status for all outlanders.
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    >>>>>>>NOVEMBER 2019 AOR<<<<<<< Join here

    Will COPR be issued if the passport is expiring within 6 months of PPR for minors born in the US? Both parents are Indian citizens.
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    >>>>>>>NOVEMBER 2019 AOR<<<<<<< Join here

    Is anyone from NOV AOR, still waiting on medicals? Mine is not passed yet. It still shows as Medicals not required. When I spoke to them some time back, they said every case is different. But still, I haven't seen anyone waiting so long for medicals.
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    >>> November 2019 AOR <<< Join here

    Is anyone with Nov AOR and still waiting for Medicals pass? When I called them and asked why my medical is not showing pass when almost all the folks with NOV AOR have their medicals passed, they said not all applications go in a pattern. For some medicals might get late. I have never met a...
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    Official Canada PR Processing timeline and the Actual timeline!!!

    Just for the record, @dhruv_gupta got his PR on June 17, 2019. Within 2 weeks after that post. Check this out.
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    >>>>>>>NOVEMBER 2019 AOR<<<<<<< Join here

    Hi Legalfalcon, Please let me know the whatsapp group link. Applied for PR today. Thanks!
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    Ielts results available now for October 26?

    Yes, I sent email to the center folks and they told me that my results were out and they already sent it in mail. But the online version, for some reason England had to do additional verification. Whatever, I received both online and paper within 5 days after 13th day.
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    IELTS 26 October General UAE review

    Anyone still waiting for results? I'm not seeing mine even today.
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    Ielts results available now for October 26?

    I probably did 1000 different combinations of my name and ID and date all that sh*t.. but it stills says the same thing. And the fkrs are closed since Friday and will come back only on Tuesday. I didn't receive any email or message about about result held up or something.
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    Ielts results available now for October 26?

    It's Sunday, and still not seeing IELTS results. :mad: Took Test from US Charlotte.
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    Ray of Hope - 128th Draw

    It says No program specified Moreover if it was only trades then the CRS will be lesser.
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    Will it be worth migrating to Canada from a decent lifestyle in INDIA?

    I have never been to Canada, I'm on the path to get PR. But, I have been living in the US past 12 years and I'm at similar age as you are and an Indian and thinking about relocating to Canada. I can relate and so, I'll add some thoughts. At this age, taking such a decision is really a big...
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    Ray of Hope - 120th Draw

    When spouse IELTS gets expired while still in Express entry (no ITA yet), does it automatically reduce CRS in the profile? or do we have to manually update it in the express entry profile?
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    Alberta Express Entry Stream

    With CRS 380 and NOC 2173 is there any hope to receive with Alberta PNP?
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    NOVA SCOTIA Provincial Nominee Program January 2015

    Oh Man, your PR process took 1.5 year from Express entry ITA to PPR. Why this long? I thought it takes around 6 months.