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    Marriage Certificate - Pakistan

    you dont need any english translation because this is already in english and urdu. when i apply for my pr i send as it is , no any translation.
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    Marriage certificate translation

    but you can get marrige certificate by nadra. just go to your area union council office they will help you regarding this. everyone on marrige time get hand written certificate and later apply for nadra.
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    Need help

    hi there, you are in category B and you are getting $12 per hour. this is look like a labour pay of category D. you can check minimum wages on cic web site by using your noc code. or your pay will mention on your job contract when you apply for lmia or at the time of visa. this can be problem...
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    Work Experience - advice please!

    hi Daisy, does not matter what write your employer in refrence letter , because when you will apply you will submit your last t4 , your pay stubs and your work permit copy. cic will decide all on these legal basis documents and letter from your employer will not help in this matter.
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    Urgent Help:: Travel Information

    hi Nisha, as you are applying for yourself so you only provide only your travel history if you have any. any stay more than 6 months other than your home country you must provide the police clearence. no any record need from your parents or other family member.
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    define Canadian Experience Class

    CEC Canada experience class this mean you work minimum 1560 hours in a year in Canada . or minimum 30 hours per week , full time job , must should be in skill trade, you must show your T4(Tax paper) or you must show your pay stubs. this should be 1 year in last three years. or minim 1560 hours...
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    Confusion regarding Canadian born child while filling application - post ITA

    you must fill in your forms , cic will not ask for your child fee or any medical. if you will not show then you may have a problem after 4 year when you apply for passport. i face same situation before 6 months , i have two canadian born and i show in the forms , no any fee or medical for them...
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    Work Hours For Oil and Gas workers. Calculated different?

    hi there, you will show minimum 1560 hours in a year, no any over time include. does not matter about your shift.
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    Does the passport (Xpresspost) return at the front door or in the mailbox?

    and you also have tracking number , you can track and your :-X on your mail box.
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    Does the passport (Xpresspost) return at the front door or in the mailbox?

    yes, they drop in mail box if you not get signature facility on delivery time. if you pay for signature option then they will try to deliver at your house and get signature , if you are not at home they will leave a paper and you will go to post office for pick your passport letter.
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    Got 431 points in CEC for Express Entry. Is there any chance for me?

    try to get minimum 20 more points. best of luck
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    Need help in filling CCTB form

    hi Ali , yes. you and your wife will provide the date when you come first time in canada . yes, you and your wife will provide last t4s. normally mother apply for all this process. mother provide her bank account and they send directly in mother account. normally when you will apply for cctb...
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    How to transfer money from Pakistan to Canada.

    hi there, you must transfer from any pakistani bank to your account in canada. at the time of purchase a property bank will ask where you get this money then you can show i sell something in my back country or your father gift this money.
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    Spouse dependent visa

    hi there, first of all which category work permit he have? if he is in skill trades then he should apply for a spousal open work permit not a visit visa. if he is on any labour work permit then this is really hard for you get a visitor visa , this also depends which country are you applying and...
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    Schedule A request

    hi there, during my process they ask two time for schedule A and i submit both time. dont provide any false information and write everything same as you write in first time visa forms because they have all your records. cancelation of australian visa will not effect your canadian pr...