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    New PR confirmation portal

    Hello guys, I received today the first email from the portal. And I need to put original entry day, last entry and the port of entry. I have been in Canada 3 times as a visitor before I came here with e work permit. Should I put the entry date as e visitor or the entry date as a worker? Also...
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    CEC Applicants - Feb. 2020 *JOIN HERE*

    AOR April 2, 2020. Everything passed since October 2020 and not even a single update since then. Everytime that I call them, I have the same response. Everything is fine, due to COVID you have to wait. This is a joke.
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    CN covid pace group

    Can you share your AOR, please?
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    Did anyone Contact MP

    I have the same MP. I tried to contact them and their answer was to wait because everything is fine with the file and I have to get the PR soon. My file is more than 16 months now and they consider it normal. He told me to wait until the file will reach 18 months and then I can call them again...
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    ***Jan-April 2020 AOR*** - Passed or Still In Progress

    Can you share your AOR please?
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    Applied for PR in april 2020

    I'm in the same situation. AOR April 2, 2020, and the last update has been on June 2020. The only answer that I get is: "Due to COVID we are experiencing delays". This is ridiculous.
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    ***Jan-April 2020 AOR*** - Passed or Still In Progress

    Have you seen Immitracker today? Only approvals for the applicants that have applied in 2021. This is ridiculous...!
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    COPR this week?

    April, 2, 2020
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    CEC Applicants - Jan 2020 *JOIN HERE*

    We are in the same situation. Not even a single update since October 2020. The only answer that I get is: Be patient and wait. Your application is all good. This wait is going forever...
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    COPR this week?

    AOR April 2020. All stages passed since October 2020 and no update since then.
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    COPR this week?

    As long as they want. Mines are taking more than 5 months and no update at all.
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    This is bullshit. They are totally incompetent. This is just a show on their part. How is possible that based on the Immitrcker they are still approving a lot from June, July and August?
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    is anyone received COPR under CN covid group?

    I’m on the same group and no update at all. Everything passed since October 2020.
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    ***Jan-April 2020 AOR*** - Passed or Still In Progress

    They are really funny. They said to me you will receive the call for the landing interview soon because all the stages are passed. This happened on November 2020, and 4 months later I’m exactly on the same point. Waiting for the landing interview. For them it’s just a word “Be patient and wait...
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    COPR this week?

    Same here. Everything passed since October 2020, not even a single GU since then. AOR April 2, 2020. Waiting only for the final decision. I don't know what the hell they are doing with our life.