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    Hi I am GNM nurse from india, is it possible to write CRNE exam in canada...? is anybody know...? Please help me Daisy
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    How long should i stay out of Canada after doing my first landing?

    Hi I have some other question, If somebody know please help us We are planing to migrate under aipp - my wife is nurse Diploma in general nursing and midwifery from india is possible to write crne directly on canda
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    can only principal applicant come alone for PR landing?

    Hi friends, Can somebody can tell about our case My wife is primary applicant , we applied in AIPP Is possible she can return after landing, while i can stay over there as dependent. Is she can come after one or two months with childrens
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    Can dependent land alone after main applicant short landing?

    Hi, Is it possible to return primary applicant (Wife) to home country after finishing of formalities (We are applied in AIPP) While dependent (Me) can stay over there. Actually we planned to bring children's after one or two months with primary applicant. Is it possible...? Please reply if...
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    Joining the CAF as a Chaplain.

    Hi, I also need to know to migrate canada as a hospital chaplain. If somebody can give some information, it will be a great healp
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    APP moving to other province

    I am Mdiv holder and my wife is nurse .R/N . Planing to move canada by APP programe. I have two question. (1) Is any chance to get a job for me. (2) When we can move to other province if required.