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    Child benefit for refugee applicants and protected persons

    You need to change your SIN when you become a Permanent Resident only and not before that.
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    And If you have any question you can ask here. But be careful, don't revel your personal information. Good Luck
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    You can do this by yourself Follow this link
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    human asylum

    You can't apply for asylum from out side of Canada.
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    Changing address

    Call don't wait
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    Got protected but not applied PR

    By the way, the current estimated time is 20 months it may go up to 20 months or less than that. Also, you may need to do a fingerprint. For me, they didn't ask me to do but they ask for my wife's fingerprint to be sure we did both. To check processing time...
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    Got protected but not applied PR

    Sorry I have to say this. Stop listen to your friend, and get information from the right sources. apply and do what ever they ask you to do. Just worry about what you need to do to apply after that wait and do what they ask for. Good Luck
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    Help help!!

    No affect, I know some people who apply after me and got their PR before me even thou the travel twice and I never did. :)
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    This is the most generic questions !!
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    permanent residency for protected person

    I sent my PR application on Dec 2017 and I got the acknowledgment email on Jan-2018. Is that what you asking about?
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    permanent residency for protected person

    Date Received: Jan, 2018 and My timeline exactly the same. and they did not ask me for medical exam. I called them and they said they use the one I already did when I filed for Refugee.
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    adding parent and brother to PR application

    Only spouse or dependent children