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    Citizenship test: Collective action required, or expect endless delays, years. Example of the effective lobbyng of people awaiting spousal sponsorship

    Do people forget that it was the Harper government who brought in Express Entry which was a huge improvement on the previous system? All major partys (except maybe for BQ) accept that immigration is key to growing Canada's economy. The biggest change I would see with a Conservative government is...
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    Are you still waiting for your test?

    Date modified: 2016-01-13
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    PR card expired

    He would not be allowed to fly to US unless he has a greencard or is a US citizen.
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    Can someone apply Citizenship after completing eligibility and leaving temporarily for abroad?

    Don't forget you have to maintain PR status until you become citizen, which means meeting the RO.
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    PR Card (New/Renewal) Processing Timeline 2020

    Just to note all PR card applications are processed in Sydney, NS. The local office just forwards on the application when you "land".
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    No update from IRCC on citizenship oath ceremony. Next steps?

    I get asked "Do you have the legal right to work in Canada?" or "Do you require sponsorship and/or visa assistance?". Once I tell them yes I have the right to work or no I don't require sponsorship, there is generally no further questions about that.
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    Question about RO and PR card Renewal

    It's based on the date of landing.
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    August 2019 - Citizenship Applicants

    Actually PR is not open. They have not issued any ITAs or COPRs to overseas applicants since the shutdown.
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    Are you still waiting for your test?

    I'm in the backlog, August 2019.
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    Are you still waiting for your test?

    Actually in the short term these are more important than citizenship. Opening retail/dining is important so that people can get their jobs back, hopefully get off government assistance and start generating tax revenue. The backlog is 210000 (or so) but more than 2 million people lost their job...
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    How long is taking to receive or to accept the citizenship application?

    In normal times it would take 2-3 months to receive AOR (so as late as July in your case). Since COVID, they haven't issued any AOR since around March 15th and that was for January applications. There is no way to get update on your application before AOR is issued and it seems now that it's...
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    so many questions...

    TN visas do not allow the spouse of the holder to work. But they are relatively straightforward to get once the occupation of the job offer is on the list. I agree with other replies, you should decide if Canada or USA is where you want to settle and stick with that. Trying to keep one foot in...
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    Moving and maybe renewing PR during pandemic

    Why do you think this would be a problem?
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    PR residency obligation

    How many days are you breach of the residency obligation by? What reason do you plan to tell the border agent for not returning sooner?