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    Alberta express entry PNP NOI - CRS score eligibility

    can take how ever long- for some people it was 4 months for me it was a month Etc.
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    Changing NOC code after getting a Letter of Interest

    Hi @bellaluna I have a very similar question to this, was wondering if you could help me please? So, I had NOC 1311 for the experience I claimed under express entry, got NOI based on it but now they ask to disclose all employment in the application forms, I did a job after the jobs I did which...
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    NOI Alberta

    @Donald PUMP Great question, I feel like I'm in a similar situation to you. Try contacting Alberta today and ask them Their contact details are available at -> contact us
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    Became a PR through Ontario PNP, can I apply for OSAP?

    Wow, why have they not permitted you to seek future education? I've never heard that before Either ways if they have legally asked you for that, you should definitely not lend money from OSAP
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    AINP 012 form - How to fill salary in CAD for previous employment?

    Hi Gurmeet, Just go on google and convert from x currency to CAD
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    Alberta express entry PNP NOI - CRS score eligibility

    Hey there I have no ties to Alberta, I receiving NOI on 13 March with CRS Score 434 I studied in Canada yes But no ties to Alberta yet.
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    NOI Alberta

    Can anyone help me regarding NOI Alberta?
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    NOI Alberta

    Wow Congratulations Kh7990! Thanks for sharing your timeline! Helps people like me who are somewhat in process
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    NOI Alberta

    Hey the email is correct, I can verify that, just with no . after ca ;)
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    PLEASE HELP: Expression of Interest Alberta; AINP

    Hi Guys, Recently I got an expression of Interest from Alberta through my federal express entry account, so I emailed them back mailing my interest and then they got back with the supporting documents required. I have a few questions to ask urgently, would appreciate your help greatly!!!!! 1)...
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    Alberta AINP March 2019 NOI Notification of Interest

    Would anyone in this forum have a resolution for this? In the document checklist, when they ask for reference letters, I noticed 3 additional requirements than the Federal Express Entry reference letter which are: • education required • skills and knowledge necessary for duties • work...
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    Alberta AINP March 2019 NOI Notification of Interest

    I believe after getting the email to submit documents, which we have to send within 30 days, they confirm receipt and acceptance/ decline after receiving it within 30 days. Then ITA would be granted if your score is above (hopefully should as current draws are in 400s) the CRS draw, which...
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    Alberta AINP March 2019 NOI Notification of Interest

    Yes same, surprised at how fast they were!
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    Express Entry - Increase Points

    Hi @jess_ON You seem very pro at this; Can I ask you about a few questions I have: 1) On my reference letter for employment, my employer has written no. of hours a week & hourly salary & periods worked But he did not write the annual salary-- I am not on good terms with him--will this...