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    Docs required for marriage?

    My wife will be dependant applicant but we do not have each other's name mentioned on our passports? Do we need a marriage certificate? or is it not required?
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    Age proof docs

    I hail from India.what documents we need to submit for age proof to apply in the express entry system? Is any National ID card is accepted or only passport?
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    Is Ielts and ECA mandatory for spouse?

    I will be the prinicple applicant for EE but I want to immigrate with my wife.While I can get her IELTS score( which will fairly less) I dont want to get her ECA done. If I happen to score above 440 alone, is it still mandatory for my wife to get eca and ielts done.If i get her ielts score say...
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    Points for PGDBA from SCDL?

    I am Bsc(General) from Calcutta University and then did PGDBA in HR(2 years course) from SCDL.I am confused if I get ECA done for SCDL degree.I suppose it is not considered by WES and would need to get it done only IQAS.But if I dont get it evaluated and go with oy with graduation, how much...
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    Is the Scrum Master certificate or equivalent recognized by WES or others and can it improve my CRS

    I have more than one professional certification including one in Certified Scrum Master.Does WES,ICAS or IQAS recognize these professional credentials? and can it improve my CRS score?