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    PR card lost in mail

    That could be an option. They can also include the cost in the PR application fee. In my opinion, another huge flaw is asking new immigrants for an address on the day of landing. What if I have no friends or relatives in Canada whose address I can give and what my Airbnb accommodation is just...
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    Applying PRTD in India

    People who have applied for PRTD in India, can you please share the procedure you followed. Documents, approximate timeline, where to send docs etc. Also, any reason that they reject PRTD. I am a new Permanent resident, landing done, but I haven't received my PR card yet. I need to travel to...
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    Landing in canada in march

    My suggestion would be to book temporary accommodation from India, come here and then search for a house. Airbnb would be the best option for temp accommodation. Airbnb, if you are not familiar, is mostly for short-term rentals, but I have noticed you can get month-long or even longer stay...
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    Soft Landing - PR card query

    Firstly, I don't think they will ask you how many days you are in Canada for, I certainly don't recall them asking me that question. When doing your landing the assumption is you are moving here. Anyways if they do ask you how long you plan to stay, my suggestion would be to say that you are...
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    PR card lost in mail

    Hi Guys, I have been waiting for my PR card since I completed my landing in October, last week I called CIC and they told me it was sent out on December 10th 2017. They said that if I had not received it, it may either be lost in mail or has mistakenly been 'returned to sender', they have asked...
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    Crossing border on foot at Niagara

    In Dec 2017, I completed my trip from the US to Canada, without PR card, and just COPR and Passport. Also, as mentioned earlier in this thread, I did not have my own car. Here is my experience. I was based in Pittsburg in the US. So, I flew to the nearest border town, i.e. Buffalo, from Buffalo...
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    Crossing border on foot at Niagara

    Guys here is what I'm thinking of doing, would love to hear your thoughts. I would be flying to Buffalo New York and from the airport, I will rent a taxi that will take me to Niagara Falls, the Canada side. At the border, I will show my COPR and Passport and cross into Canada. What do you guys...
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    Crossing border on foot at Niagara

    Understood. Thanks...
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    Crossing border on foot at Niagara

    Got it. Thanks for the info.
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    Transfer money from USA to Canada

    Hey, Can I use Transferwise or Xe if I want to transfer from my account in the US to my wife's account in Canada? Also, is Paypal an option? DV
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    Crossing border on foot at Niagara

    Thanks for the response. Any thoughts on how I could handle the luggage part, I would have 2 suitcases and am traveling alone. Would it be feasible to drag them across the border, complete formalities and then board the next bus to Toronto?
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    Crossing border on foot at Niagara

    I would need a PR travel document to fly or take a direct bus to Toronto. I am assuming 2 - 3 weeks of processing time for that, so it doesn't really serve my purpose. I need to be in Canada by the end of November, if not I just wait for my PR card.
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    Crossing border on foot at Niagara

    Hi, I am a new PR, landing done and am expecting my PR card in end of December. After landing I had to travel back to the US where I am currently located. I would like to travel to Canada late November or early December. I understand one of my options is a PRTD, but I would like to hear some...
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    Permanent Resident Travel Document

    Hi, I live in the US and my wife lives in Canada. Both of us are new PR's, waiting for our PR card. My wife would collect it in Canada and mail it to me in the US. So for now I am waiting for the card. But looking at your post got me thinking, maybe I can just cross the border by foot. Is that...
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    Re locating to Toronto in July 2017

    Hey, I am planning to land in Toronto in October 2017. I will be alone for the next 4-6 months, following which my family will join me. I am looking for temporary accommodation in the Toronto area from where I could conduct my job search, give interviews etc. Public transport is an important...