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    AOR JAN 2016 - let's get together

    Congrats Moose! :) :)
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    Passport to New Delhi VO .. let's connect here

    Passports sent last week to NDVO. Got the visas stamped and COPRs back today. :)
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    AOR JAN 2016 - let's get together

    Thanks people. :) Received back the passports and COPRs today. In the COPR the city of destination is written as Toronto. Does this mean we have to land only at Toronto?
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    AOR JAN 2016 - let's get together

    Sent the passport to NDVO on 1st March. Today I'm seeing my application has been closed, BG check completed and Application has been approved. Timelines in my signature. Waiting for COPR and passports back..
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    Is CIC website down?

    Seems to be down. Haven't been able to access for the last 10 hours or so.
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    AOR JAN 2016 - let's get together

    Thanks for all the wishes guys! Hope to see all of you getting your PPRs soon!! :) :) @MoozeNBooze cheers mate! Will buy you a beer once we both land in Canada. It will be soon enough!! ;D
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    AOR JAN 2016 - let's get together

    Guys I received the RPRF and PPR together earlier today. My timelines are in my signature.. Sorry didn't have time to post it on the forum in the morning. I would like to thank all of you here !! Also thanks to Asivad who's been particularly helpful.. Hope to see everyone here getting their PPRs...
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    What is the best time to get married after ITA?

    You do realise that if you get a PR on your own, then you have to sponsor the PR for your wife later and that's a very cumbersome process. Anyway to answer your original question, you should wait to complete your PR process and then get married. If you get married while the processing is on...
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    Thank you Asivad Anac

    Use this.. or to compress pdfs. Was a life saver when I was trying to compress all those scans and documents.
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    Any Question on Express Entry---i will try to answer

    Put in your name as it is in your passport. The space in between in other documents is a minor deviation, you shouldn't need to mention it as a separate name.
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    Got two missed call from "unknown caller"

    Haha! Much needed levity imo.. Way too much seriousness and stress around here. :D
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    CIC went nuts? Rejection due to lack of US PCC

    If you haven't made a mistake in entering the dates then it is quite a blunder by CIC in reading your travel history. And if the rejection is for a different applicant based on the difference in UCI, then its an even bigger blunder. Either ways, call them up to get a faster response.
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    Planning to Migrate from INDIA to CANADA [Express Entry]

    Renjith, I would second everything JZPASSI said. Most Canadian employers expect you to have a Canadian work permit or PR before you they grant interviews. Therefore its best to first get the PR and then work on finding a job. With regards to the Job bank, don't count on it. Its not very good...
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    why ITA score doesn't come down !

    CIC really should fix their systems if withdrawing and recreating the same profile gives people a higher chance of securing a provincial nomination! Wonder how many others are out there like the OP who have created profiles several months ago and are still waiting for a PN..
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    Question about dependents

    Unfortunately, no. Only a partner or dependent children can be included in the PR application. Parents can be nominated after immigrating. See here