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    Quebec Immigration - Skilled Worker Program

    Hi folks, Some enlightment into this question on the application form. I have a BA in Business and a PgD in Software Development, so I guess I would mark the "Other" box is this correct. Or? This confuses me "Diploma or training recognized as equivalent by a Québec regulatory body (except...
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    Timeline of Berlin applicants

    Harman1, one thing about this process and especially to go to Canada is that it is not like applying for a 24hr loan. The hardest thing about this process is in fact the wait. Be patient. As the saying goes - Good things come to those that wait. They will be in touch one way or another. I can...
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    Calling all Berlin applicants

    Hi Aljaraeau, I would most definitely ask the immigration officer the same questions you have put forth. One thing though, I do not think it matters what city you decide to go to in the end. I mentioned Calgary in mine, however, if I was offered a job or the opportunities looked better elsewhere...
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    starting off...Irish wanting to move to Canada

    To be honest Ang, don't listen too much to others. You know in your heart and head what you have to do and you should go for it. Four years settling in country is nonsense, it could take weeks, months, years or never. Moving to Canada will not be the hardest thing you will be faced with in your...
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    i want to re apply again after refuse

    Alok, you may have a valid point, but in all fairness your written English is not exactly picture perfect. I suggest you heed your own advice and brush up on your own English skills too. Do not take this the wrong way, but although your grasp is good, bettering it will help you further in the...
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    Guys, don't worry and help honestly, CHC has nothing to do with these forums

    Good to see some intelligent replies to a very selfish thread in the first place. I find that as soon as someone posts bad news, there is always one, two or maybe more people that are only interested in the why, and not how the person is feeling at that time. I also get fed up with the...
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    Calling all Berlin applicants

    I sent the Germany police check in as German seeing it is a German office I was sending it to. I believe this is one of the few of the let's say "authorative" documents that requires no translation to English.
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    Eample of Reference & Experience Letter for NOC 0213

    For goodness sake, can maybe you guys read through the thread. Ankit has posted the letter twice already and people are still asking for it to be sent to them. It's a cut and paste job into a word doc. C'mon guys it is not rocket science.
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    how long will it be before I get my passport back? help

    Re: Combien de temp pour me retourner mon passeport? Your grasp of French Karlshammer looks as good as your English :-)
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    Report Illegal Immigrant

    Thank you Rupeshhari.
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    Report Illegal Immigrant

    I am somewhat divided on this post. I agree in a sense with one of the comments about the "Motivation" behind reporting this guy. I also feel your motives are not centered. On the other hand, what happens if an "illegal" immigrant raped, murdered or maimed someone else and you knew he was not...
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    Calling all Berlin applicants

    Hello Hope, It sounds as if you have done everything correct. At the end of the day, if they have a query they will get in touch with you. They did so with me about sending additional payslips and tax returns. I notarized this and sent it as it was. I did not translate the payslips as this is...
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    Pay slip problem - Berlin office

    Thank you Susanne!