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    Reschedule test via "new" portal

    IRCC has recently changed the notice to appear forms format with an introduced portal that allows applicants to make changes to their test dates on the government of Canada’s website. The link is on the notice itself just in case you need to make any changes, you click on it and directs you to...
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    Citizenship Application

    You don’t need to submit a PCC. You would have to submit one only if you visited a country as a permanent resident for more than 6 months. If that’s the case, then you have to submit one with the application. But if you lived there before coming as a permanent resident, that’s different. You can...
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    Anybody celebrating 14 months with no test invite today?

    Which country you from?
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    Application received July 30, no AOR yet

    Let's hope they received it. Contact the call centre on Monday and say you received this response via the webform. It's probably not open yet. But see what the agent can tell you if they check for you in their records.
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    Application received July 30, no AOR yet

    I am waiting for AOR and still nothing, should I send another application or just wait? Anyone experienced something similar?
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    Step by Step applying the GCMS NOTES

    Thank you for this useful video. Also, I noticed that you opened the form on google chrome. How did you make google chrome open forms online? Because I can only open on windows explorer, it won’t open in chrome for me.
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    March - 2018 Citizenship Applicants

    Any March applicant from Calgary got test invite yet? I’m still waiting.
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    Withdrawing a citizenship application - consequences

    No, I haven’t had such an experience. What is your national country? The other thing I also want to tell you, if there is no law that does not allow another citizenship in your country, and it was just a discussion you heard, then I think it should be fine. However, each situation and...
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    Withdrawing a citizenship application - consequences

    Hi Rogelio, I don’t encourage you to withdraw your application. I think you should proceed with the process of your application. I mean, is your home country going to ask you about your status? Are you obligated to disclose it?