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    Quebec Skilled Worker Federal Stage (After CSQ)

    Hi guys, here is my update. After 1 year of long waiting, day before yesterday I received a notification to submit police certificates from the countries I lived before. And today I received another email saying that I have been granted pre Arrival services for me and my family. I am inland...
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    Quebec Skilled Worker Federal Stage (After CSQ)

    Good morning, I am an inland applicant. I got my AOR on 06/06/2019. So far it has been 8 months, I am just wondering what would be the next step (medicals?), I have been living in Canada since the past 6 years and I never left more than 6 months, I also did medicals before coming back in 2014...
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    I already have a valid CSQ(Quebec Selection Certificate) , Can i apply for Federal Express Entry ?

    Hi Guys, I have a question, I recently got my CSQ so now I am filling up the form and maybe next week submitting for the federal process. I already know by their webpage that waiting time for QSW it's around 12,15 months to obtain PR. So I just want to know at wich point of the process you get...
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    CSQ PEQ July 2018 timeline

    Hello guys, I got my CSQ!!!! Timeline: They received my file on 07 Nov CSQ approved on 23 Nov And today 27 got it in the mail!! I applied as PEQ temp worker
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    PEQ Application being Delayed, Please Help

    Could you share your timeline if you don't mind?
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    CSQ application notice

    If you applied by paper you will recieve a confirmation letter along with the receipt for the application in your mail box, they do not comunicate by email if you applied by paper. I sent my application and it took 1 week to get the letter of reception, I do not know if for regular csq skilled...
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    I don't know what to say, I'm shocked, so actually their interview was ok but still...!!! You know what I am starting thinking that they just have a problem with people that completed french certificates from English speaking universities plus the nationality thing. Definitely not easy to get a...
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    My God yes you are right, I know 2 people one got it with the tefaq with a B2 just for a point, and got it even with an expired wp... Anything can happen
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    Wow, I guess they never take in consideration the certificates then, they only accept the tefaq and such exams for this stream :( I was wondering in how much time they send you the famous "note of refusal"?
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    Hello, Im sorry to hear what happened to you. I just want to ask if you did the tefaq exam apart from your concordia certificate, and also you mention that you had an interview, what the interview to prove your french? Mind sharing your nationality and also how much time all this took place...
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    How much you have to wait so they take your payment for CSQ via PEQ

    Anyone who wants to share the timeline since they got the file after when they took their payment and then how much you waited for the Csq in the mail. Thank you
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    How difficult is it to study to score B2 in the French Test for a non-French speaker?

    It would take you about 1 year of full time studying, if you do it part time around 2. It helps a lot to be in a french environment and to try to listen a lot of french radio and tv. Could also get a bit easier if you speak spanish, portuguese, italian as the grammar is similar. I didn't study...
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    TEFAQ prepration in Montreal 2018 lets gather here

    Hello, is anyone of you already took the exam? I am going to do it soon so I was wondering if someone can tell me their experience. Thanks