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    Has any Montreal applicant been invited to online citizenship test?

    Federal offices like IRCC are different than provincial offices, and at Federal level English and French are treated the same way. Personally, I can speak both English and French, I submit only my English test though just because it was the one I used when I submit my PR (at that time I was out...
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    AOR ..and test in COVID-19

    If you need a test for Covid-19, you should check with health authorities in your province.
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    Applying for citizenship in Less than 1095

    He will need to wait until he's back and he's able to meet the requirement. Plus, I suggest not to apply exactly at the 1095th day in the country, but to wait a some extra days just to make sure that if he miscalculates the number of days because of unreported trips or some other reasons, he can...
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    Least priority for Citizenship office is issuing AOR

    I applied beginning of March, and I haven't got an AOR yet. Yesterday, I called IRCC, and they told me that due to Covid-19, all applications are slowed down, and they don't have a timeline. I have been told to check back with them in a couple of months in case I still haven't heard anything...
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    Photos for citizenship application

    I got it at Jean Coutu in Montreal, it's 14.99 + taxes, plus another $2 + taxes if you want a digital copy (which I asked just because I might be using it for something else, but it's not necessary for citizenship), and the total was about $19.50. I'm pretty sure there are also other places...
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    Photos for citizenship application

    Thank you so much for your reply, @jc94! You saved me 20 bucks for a new picture.;) I was worried that after 4+ years spent waiting to get the citizenship I could have ended up getting a perpetual document with that horrible picture :eek: :D
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    Photos for citizenship application

    I actually checked online how the citizenship certificate looks like: It seems like there is no photo on it. Did you already got yours? How long did it take for you to get...
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    Photos for citizenship application

    Hi, I have a pretty dumb question, but I'll ask anyway. :rolleyes::D I'm getting ready my citizenship application, which requires me to send 2 photos along with all the documentation. I would like to know what they will be using those photos for (i.e. if I will get a citizenship certificate/ID...
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    Moving to the US while waiting for citizenship

    As far as I know, you can leave the country once you apply for citizenship: So I don't think your moving out of Canada might affect your citizenship application in any way. If you are just waiting for your green card in Canada...
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    Track your PR card timeline and processing times here

    Awesome! If you are in BC as well, it should take about 7-10 days for you to receive your card. So happy for you, man! :)
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    Track your PR card timeline and processing times here

    Timings may be different... somebody may land after you and get approval before you. This may happen for several reasons, e.g. your POE is slower than another to send the request, the immigration employee who is validating your request is slower than another, they may not find your pics, etc...
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    Track your PR card timeline and processing times here

    I was casually checking on the website on the approval day, and I saw it was approved. I got an email only the day after thou. So you don't really need to check the website every day, but if you do you may likely get to know about the approval before you get the email.
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    Track your PR card timeline and processing times here

    Got my card yesterday! My timeline: Jan 11: Landing Feb 20: Card approved Feb 28: Card received (Vancouver BC)
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    Can I leave my job after applying for CEC?

    No, if he claims points for arranged employment, he will lose those points. I got confirmed about this from an immigration attorney as well. Of course, he won't lose the points related to the past work experience. Also, if he gets another job, his score won't get affected. Just reading he's on...