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    need help to understand medical facilities in Toronto

    The only thing I'd add is IVF treatments are not covered by OHIP, they are privately paid and a personal friend did this and said it's approx 10k++ per treatment, so it can be definitely a financial burden to many people.
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    16 Year Old

    Before you apply to the Universities, select 1 or 2 and contact their Admissions Dept to confirm how your educational credentials will be received. This will save you time and possible disappointment. Grade 12 students here typically start applying to University/College in the December...
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    Go onto sites like : and search for construction opportunities to see what types of requirements they're looking for in people. Create a Canadianized resume and cover letter to send out to these opportunities. You may have more or less of the...
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    MBA from an IIM

    You need to create a Canadian styled resume and cover letter. do your research of the banks in Canada and look at their current opportunities and what key words they display in their ads. It can be very, very challenging to find work when you're not already in the country. Don't expect a lot...
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    Reference Checks (Jobs)

    If you read some older posts about this topic you'll see some people will say "no, never" and others (like myself) would argue that many employers do call your previous employer regardless of where they are in the world (as long as there isn't a language barrier). Time differences are not a big...
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    any idea about high shool and secondary high school ??

    Yes they are the same thing -- just 2 different names. There are public secondary schools and separate secondary schools. Public is where most of the population goes to and separate is open to anyone to attend, however historically it has been part of the Catholic Education system and all...
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    16 Year Old

    I don't have the definite answer. If you're planning to go to College or University with your existing educational credentials you'll still need to see if they're equivalent. I don't see why you couldn't email all credentials to see what they say -- this is probably the best route for you to...
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    i need information

    He will be evaluated and determined the appropriate grade. Could be higher or lower. Most students in Ontario start at age 4 and are in Junior Kindergarten. Then Senior Kindergarten up to grade 8, then usually to High School (grade 9 at age 14. Most students graduating High School are 18 by...
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    16 Year Old

    Most 16 year olds are in grade 11 in Canada. There are 2 main streams (levels) Academic (A levels) and Applied (there is also a University Prep level which is regarded as Advanced ++). Ontario requires you to pass a Literacy test which is usually done in Grade 10, but just has to be completed...
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    Finding a job after getting a PR

    I would partially agree with clubcanada. I do think immigrants coming from commonwealth countries and the US in most situations have an easier time with educational equivalency. Of course there are world reknowned schools that hold the same, if not hirer value then many local schools eg)...
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    Proper attire for job interview

    It sounds appropriate interview wear for your target industry/position. Good luck! Your correct that appropriate interview attire is very important -- unfortuantely about 55% of first impressions are made on 'what we see' and how you dress is part of that first impression. Once an impression...
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    Which is the Best High School in Toronto

    Depending on where she lives there will be schools that she is designated to attend. This is done by geographic boundaries. If she wants to attend a school outside of her designated areas, she has to apply to the other school and get written approval by the principal of the 'home' (designated)...
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    day care

    In addition to CPR and first aid training, most regulated daycares will want you to have an ECE certification (Early Childhood Eduction) Diploma. This can be obtained from many colleges in Canada.
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    university admission

    There's never a harm in applying, but you're average may be lower then required. I agree with the others and check out each universities website admissions as there will be differences between each school on a minimum average requirement.
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    Free Short Job Search Videos

    Awesome! Thanks!