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    ***>>> March 2020 AOR <<<***

    Hello everyone! Sharing another good news! I finally received my PR card yesterday. The entire process of obtaining the card just took a month after getting the CoPR. It’s one of the best new year gift I have ever had :) I wish everyone best of luck on their journey to permanent residency and...
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    Visa office ottawa

    I am CEC Inland. AOR March 30th. Biometric on October 2nd. I received my CoPR from CPC Ottawa on December 1st.
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    Urgent question

    Not 100% sure, but your point might have been locked at the time you received ITA. So when IRCC starts processing your file, they might check the time you received ITA when calculating your work experience. Call IRCC to clarify. Just to be safe side, I would reject this one. There is no harm in...
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    ***>>> March 2020 AOR <<<***

    Thank you. Ghost update was "application/profile updated" when I checked my account. I saw the update last Friday (Nov 27). Then my application got approved only after 4 days (Dec 1). Wishing you all the best as well :)
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    ***>>> March 2020 AOR <<<***

    Hello everyone, I've been following this thread ever since I got my AOR in March. I finally received the good news today at 4 pm (EST) :) My application details: CEC Inland File processed at CPC-Ottawa AOR March 30 Medicals passed on July 1 Biometrics on October 2 Background check completed...