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    CEC-Inland @ CPC-Edmonton (2019)

    Hi, Called them on Oct2. I have just received the email about COPR
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    COPR activation and travel

    Hey, I am on the same boat with travels planned for the holidays and currently on a valid work permit/TRV. Could you please share what did you do?
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    CEC Applicants - July 2019

    It is a general update. The countdown is 6 months - it counts down the weeks from AOR to the 6month mark
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    CEC-Inland @ CPC-Edmonton (2019)

    Hi, Any updates on timelines for your file? Mine is on Edmonton and seems slow based on other folks' timelines. Here are my dates: AOR - July 20 MEP Called CIC, eligibility in process.
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    Dealing with expunged misdemeanor conviction

    Hi, Similar situation here. Could you tell me more how your application to PR went? Thanks
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    Middle name in passport but not in supporting documents

    Hi, I am going through the application process and find myself in the same situation; some of my docs (US docs and my job's reference letter) list only my first last name while others have both (passport, diploma, etc). I am wondering if you ended up adding the clarification letter and if your...
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    NOC-1122 Professional occupations in business management consulting

    Hi, I just wanted to ask you about your experience as I am on a similar situation... you select this NOC code and
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    NOC Advise - EE

    Hi all, The NOC codes are quite specific and I have read many posts of people unsure how their job's duties align with different NOCs when filling out the EE profiles. So apologies in advance for another of these NOC questions. Could someone advise if the code 1122 - Professional occupations in...
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    ontario pnp residence proof

    Hi Muhammad, I am in a similar situation... What documents did you submit? Were they accepted?
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    Travel while waiting for PGWP processing

    Hi, Could you update us on your status? (I am on a similar boat and believe the implied status for PGWP isn't lost)
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    Implied status travelling and work, reply appreciated!!!

    Hi Ye, Could you update us about your status? I have also completed by program and am in the process of applying for a PGWP. I called CIC to ask them about the implied status and travelling abroad and the agent said that I COULD TRAVEL AND THAT DOES NOT INTERFERE WITH THE PGWP APPLICATION. She...
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    Flagpoling PGWP (documents/transcript needed)

    Hello and I hope my question also helps others! The situation: I have completed my program of study at my University and am eligible to process the PGWP. I have urgency to do so as I have an offer of employment. Documents for flagpoling: Passport, valid Study permit, official letter from...
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    Work conditions in study permit?

    Hello, I am an international student and am allowed to work on and off campus with certain conditions (I did not take the medical exam). One of them says: "No primary/secondary school teaching" I am applying to be a private tutor with a tutoring company for high school students and I am in...