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    Conditional discharge with probation

    Or you may have to wait 5 years, not sure if it's from divorce or from the time you were sponsored
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    Conditional discharge with probation

    Aside from you probation, if you were sponsored by your ex wife then I don't think you can ever sponsor a spouse.
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    Us visa denied

    Which question are you trying to answer in form?
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    Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship 2018

    Link GCKey to paper application and it will show if medical passed or fail. CIC check application status only shows medical received with no info on pass/fail
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    Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship 2018

    Previously diagnosed and treated cancer is not a reason for medical inadmissibility. Your mother may be asked to provide recent reports showing no evidence of cancer presence. Only provide what is requested by IMP.
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    Is it an offence to advise in forum

    I challenge your lawyer to take me to court... show him this message. Actually fire him too, after you ask him why he is lying
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    Transit US on one passport and enter Canada on Canadian passport feasible?

    He can leave china with the Chinese passport, transit through US using either visa or Canadian passport
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    For Missing Usa entry stamp..i94 website printout is good?

    Print out if it shows date
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    You are a waste of space
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    Silly question

    This is not a silly question. Some applicants made the mistake of counting their absence from the day they arrived (stamped) at a foreign country, which resulted in denial of application.
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    Scarborough Office - Question on ecas status

    DM is what matters
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    Torned landed paper

    Apply for a replacement and keep the torned one with you
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    Scarborough office / timeline after test

    Was it your wife or your mom who won?