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    Humanitarian and compassionate ground

    You don't qualify for social assistance or provincial healthcare.
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    Written authorization

    Based on recent posts it soundsikr you do have a spouse although you may have very recently separated. Perhaps you meant you were the lone caregiver versus being a single parent.
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    unite with your immediate family member who is in workpermit need a written authorization

    Sorry thought thr post about a spouse visiting on holiday from Germany was you as well.
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    Visitor visa for Parents

    Not needed. It sounds like your parents will need to book and airbnb or hotel so tou can nention that plan in toyr application.
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    Parents Sponsorship- Lost Job

    EI is usually subtracted from LICO amount for PGP. An exception was made for 2020. I would try to gind employment as soon as possible not knowing whether EI will be included in LICO amount again due to covid. Quebec looks at the whole financial picture so not working may certwinly be a...
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    Poison-Pen Letters - WATCHOUT!

    The large majority or friends and family wouldn't consider contacting the government unless they have actual concerns that the person is only getting narroed to secure PR and thry have already approached the other partner who is blinded by love. In some countries it is common to go to the...
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    PGP 2020

    Woyld assume there will be a few months until PGP2021 EOI opens. If an election is called would expect the EOI to be held during that period to remimd voters of the 30k spots. Would imagine IRCC would at least want to try and complete PGP2019 applications and the years beforw be adding such a...
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    Super visa while holding visitor visa

    1. yes 2. you can do a medical anywhere 3. She should send a webform indicating she is in Canada if she hasn't received the supervisa before coming back to Canada. She will need to leave Canada and reenter ro activate the supervisa. Do to covid glthat isn't easily done
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    Visitor visa for Parents

    For a TRV they have go show that they can support their travels. You can include your financial documents in addition to theirs. You will need to address the brother missing school since if school is in session. Their quarantine plans would also be a good thing to include since pregnant are a...
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    Visitor visa for Parents

    The parents will need to show the can support their travels and they have the ability to quarantine in a basement or pay for a hotel or airbnb. They need to show their travel is essential which is the obstacle for most.
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    Visitor visa for Parents

    I would include your plans to book and airbnb to show that you are aware of the quarantine rules and have researched options.The actual airbnb is not important.
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    Visitor visa for Parents

    Humanitatian and compassionate grounds. In general birth isn't considered H&C but it is worth a try. It is typically used for death or sudden hospitalization/surgery.
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    unite with your immediate family member who is in workpermit need a written authorization

    There would a high risk of potentially exposing the health system in your case if you were approved and short visits create risks of people not quarantining for 14 days before seeing their family. There is too much risk of bringing covid into Canada for a short visit. When it comes to pregnant...
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    unite with your immediate family member who is in workpermit need a written authorization

    If you are coming for a short visit first you must quarantine for 14 days before seeing your family and with short travels there is a much bigger chance that covid will spread and people won't quarantine for the full 14 days before seeinh their family
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    Study Permit rejection query

    How will a college degree in global business management help advance current HR career in your home country?