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    Welcome to Calgary

    Evaluation is done by IQAS.
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    Welcome to Calgary

    Hi, Yes, there is Westin Calgary Hotel here. For as long as they don't ask money from you and the terms and conditions of the job offer are realistic, then I don't think there's a problem.
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    File taxes? PR, 7 month in Canada without work, now in US

    Canadian taxes is based on residency. Since you are a permanent resident of Canada, you should file your Canadian taxes based on your worldwide income. So any income you earned outside of Canada should be reported. You can claim credits for tha taxes you paid in the US. I suggest you...
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    Normal Processing Times from Calgary office?

    How do you know when your files are transferred to the local office? Does it appear in e-CAS?
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    LANDING IN CANADA ??? -All You Need To Know.

    Hi Cam, Our belongings came to Calgary, AB one month ahead of us. The moving company should provide you with all the documents to present to the customs office. We did not have any problems..
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    AINP - SRS H1B Landing Experience and post landing related activities.

    Pree Sri, You can check this out too.. this is in a good location.
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    AINP - SRS H1B Landing Experience and post landing related activities.

    Hi Pree Sri, Try‎ or for the apartments. Some will allow you to rent without credit history but you need to pay 3 to 6 months rent in advance. Your "short-term lease with low rent and close to school " criteria might be hard to find...
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    Proof of language ability

    Thanks Rayman_M for the tips! Very helpful...
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    AINP - SRS H1B Landing Experience and post landing related activities.

    In fairness to Alberta, Canada... not all people here are rude. I have lived and worked in the US and moved to Calgary, AB under the AINP US worker program. I would say we were treated well when we entered Alberta via the Sweetgrass/Coutts border. It was actually when we were in the US border...
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    Proof of language ability

    Thanks a lot torontonian 2003 and Desert Lion! Very helpful info!! I have already scheduled for CELPIP to be on the safe side.. :)
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    Proof of language ability

    Thanks torontian2003 for your prompt reply. For our PR, I applied under the US Visa Worker category, hence there was no English test requirement. When you mentioned "Note from this CIC guideline for language requirement, that if they already deemed your transcripts inadequate, the application...
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    Proof of language ability

    We have already submitted our citizenship application in Dec 2013 and CIC started processing our application on Feb 25, 2014. We provided CIC with our transcripts from a university in our home country (Phils.) as proof of language ability. Based on the posts here, it seems that our transcripts...
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    Border Crossing Locations & Recommendations.

    Try the Coutts-Sweetgrass border.
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    DOUBTS? "Can I 'Land' anywhere" matter -Which POE to Choose !!!

    You only need the title if you will import the car to Canada.