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    Living vs staying

    If you didn’t have a fixed permanent address while there then it’s part of your travels.
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    Changing cars in Canada

    You wouldn't be able to sell it in Canada without importing it first. You might be able to donate it, but $800 is an unlikely number to recieve for it as it would end up as scrap.
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    6 days Visa validity while entering in Canada

    Unless it’s essential travel, probably not.
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    Any idea when Canada will stop taking Immigrants

    Unlikely in anyone’s current lifetime.
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    My current marital status is single or divorced?

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    I'm Canadian PR, want to write invitation letter for the future refugee seeker

    Lying ( misrepresentation) can have a whole series of undesired effects. While I doubt they would Persue you, future applications for friends or family would likely be impossible. Never lie to IRCC.
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    Expired COPR and Visa of Family

    When did it expire and why didn’t they use it prior to expiry?
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    Judges don’t get to drop charges at all. That’s up to the Crown to decide.
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    visitor visa application and getting married in canada

    What is preventing you from visiting your significant other (besides Covid) in Australia or your home country? What are the barriers preventing you from getting married or completing common law requirements?
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    Last minute - How to organize the application file ?

    They won’t reject an application for having binder or paper clips.
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    Pregnant during Application Process

    IRCC doesn’t care you’re pregnant. It won’t expedite processing either. Be prepared to pay medical costs until you qualify for health care.
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    DUI international student

    Difficult to say as it’s up to the VO discretion, but it is certainly a possibility. As a temporary resident, it isn’t necessarily about the conviction only. Arrest and detention would also be a consideration.
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    Worked under the table before received PR

    You’re a legal aide....look into tax evasion. Penalties are substantially more than just “paying the taxes”. Just my opinion, but she would be smarter to take it on the chin and consider it a life lesson. The assumption that she submitted the forms first probably would hold any weight with...