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    Unfortunately, the 5 year ban applies to any immigration application. You are barred from Canada for 5 years.
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    What are the ways to sponsor the spouse who is outside of Canada?

    No. You need to apply inland for an OWP.
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    Sponsorship for my wife and kids and I have ex-wif

    Unfortunately, that would be irrelevant. You withheld relevant information to your application, which is potentially misrepresentation.
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    Family sponsor

    So, unless you are married to her, you don’t qualify for common law. You won’t be able to sponsor her until you meet common law or get married.
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    Family sponsor

    So how long have you been with your girlfriend?
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    Offer letter is Real or Fake? - Canada please help

    And as posted previously, it’s a scam.
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    Is law applied equally in Canada

    Cases are determined on their own merit. You can try, but ultimately the courts will decide. Not knowing the outcome of the investigation, I doubt there is much, if any benefit to what you are proposing. You should probably consult with a lawyer.
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    Can you transit USA to Canada on an ESTA?

    What’s the reason for you coming to Canada?
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    Refusal on refugee claim

    You need to talk to a lawyer at this point to file for Judicial Review. The courts will require you to have a lawyer to submit. You have 15 days...
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    Got a job offer from Velt Engineering and Consultancy Services Toronota Canada

    25 wells in the Eagle Ford shale, that accounts for 70% of the companies capital outlay, certainly wouldn’t support or need 34,000 employees!
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    Got a job offer from Velt Engineering and Consultancy Services Toronota Canada

    Sure it is. Why does their website refer to Melbourne and Brisbane if they are in Canada? The poorly placed address in Calgary in the middle of their website is a dead giveaway it’s fake, and you are probably part of the scam. Under contact information, the address is an intersection in Toronto...
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    Employment Insurance

    Full time work is considered to be 30-40 hours a week in most parts of Canada. EI is based on hours worked.
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    Eligibility Interview & how can i come to canada during Covid 19

    There is no exemption for refugee claimants. You need to meet one of the criteria listed in order to travel.
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    Insurance Issues in Canada. I desperately need help.

    Call a broker and have it shipped back to the US. Then have it brought back on a temporary import. You’ll have to UBER or rent for a while.
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    Seeking Asylum/Refugee Status from US Due to Covid?

    Canadian citizens can’t claim refugee status in Canada!