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    Thread for Outland LONDON, UK Applications!

    Sorry to hear you're still waiting Taffy. I've been a bit AWOL on the forum over the last couple months but thought you and Andrew would be done and dusted by now when I checked in. I hope the MP can get things moving.
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    Information needed to start working for newcomers to Canada.

    You can sometimes get your SIN number straight away depending on what airport you land at - Pearson airport has a Service Canada location in the airport but its not always open. Otherwise after you have landed you need to go to a Service Canada location with your documents and they will provide...
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    Find available Jobs in Canada

    Try Craigslist, Kijiji etc for job postings. A lot of smaller shops will advertise in their windows so always worth a walk down a few streets. It also depends on her level of English, work experience etc.
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    How to get a record expunged in TRINIDAD & TOBAGO

    One search of Google came up with this....... I would also also ask in the T&T thread...
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    Find available Jobs in Canada

    The reality is the job market in the major urban areas is incredibly competitive. I have been lucky enough to land a job in under two weeks but it took a lot of hard work, sending out resume's and pounding the streets before I got a couple of interviews and thats just in the hospitality trade...
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    Reapplying for PR

    The OP mentioed she probably had condition 51 which states that the person must cohabit with their sponsor for two years after she receives her PR in Canada. Breaching this can result in her PR status being revoked. So no her PR status is linked to her relationship in this situation.
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    Thread for Outland LONDON, UK Applications!

    Hi Guys, Thought I'd write a quick landing story. After 7 hours on a plane with a 19 month old we were a bit shattered but we seemed to hit it lucky as we arrived in Pearson terminal 1 about 11am. By the time we toddled along with the wee one there wasn't a single person in the arrivals hall...
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    When to apply?

    Really when you apply is probably down to your own personal circumstances. For example can you afford to be both without jobs and still service remaining debt, do you have a place to stay can you get a job beforehand in Canada? I guess these are questions you would have to ponder so I don't...
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    spouse sponsorship in Canada - trouble with sending documents with email

    I take it your in Canada from your post? If so I would contact your local MP providing the evidence of the emails you sent to CIC and ask them to contact CIC on your behalf to see if they can open your file again and advising that you sent the requested documents as per instructions.
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    Landing list of belongings

    You can group items together such as clothes/shoes etc and itemise more expensive items such as jewellery. To be honest from the stories I've read on here a lot of the time CBSA agents barely glance at the B4 form.
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    not clear on backround question "refused admission to Canada?"

    No as you answered yes on the other question. They way I understand this question is a refusal at the border rather than applying and being refused a TRV.
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    Use of a Representative

    I second all that! The only reason I can see for getting a representative is if you had a particular complication with your application such as criminal conviction...etc etc, otherwise this is the best place for advice :D
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    Proof of Relationship

    You can email but each single attachment cannot be larger than 5MB. Personally I would email and send originals by mail just as a back up!
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    Sponsor address

    Once you receive sponsorship approval the applicants part will be forwarded to the appropriate visa office for processing and they will advise you of the email address to contact to update information. However, in most circumstances they will contact you by email first.
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    Outland- he's living with me, do I list his name?

    If that's his main address then yes. Lots of people apply outland who are residing with their partners in Canada. As long as he has legal status you won't have any problems.