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    Question about Gift Deeds

    It is advisable that gift feeds should be from close relatives like parents or siblings accounts. How the money get into their account is however not anyone's business. But make sure you support your statement with a letter of explanation stating that the money is a gift and you won't refund...
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    Passports to Accra Visa Office !

    Congrats. All the best
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    Passports to Accra Visa Office !

    I'm not sure. You can start checking regularly few days after submission.
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    Passports to Accra Visa Office !

    I submitted on 26th sept and collected it on 19th Oct. Try 081501 99900.
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    Passports to Accra Visa Office !

    I started calling lagos vfs 8 days after my status changed to approved. Was told it's ready for pick up on the 10th day
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    Passports to Accra Visa Office !

    Congrats on your PPR
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    Progress Bar from Dec 2018

    Visa will be valid until a year after you took the test not when it was approved. The date will be on your Visa.
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    i need help on my permanent residence application please

    I filled the form n attached a LOE. I didn't know my Visa office so I choose Accra cos I'm a Nigerian n reside in Nigeria but my VO was Ottawa. it was after I sent the cse that I realised I could call cic to get info about my Visa office. So to avoid the mistake that I did, I think you should...
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    My sealed envelop from University has been tear off by mistake by a family member. What should I do?

    Just apply for a new one n let your school send it to WES directly. Since it had been complied already, it will take shorter time. They will just print it out n sign, n send.
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    Statutory questions - Visa rejection

    Answer yes and submit a letter of explanation stating why the Visa was rejected n when. Visa rejection isn't a big deal CIC won't base their decision on the rejection
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    Forgot to mention previous visa refusal :( Please help use this form
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    Forgot to mention previous visa refusal :( Please help

    Mentioning it might delay the process for probably a few days but since u already answered yes in statutory question you won't be rejected because of it however, I'll advise that u submit a CSE n a letter of explanation. You shouldn't think too much about it though
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    noc 1215 please join here

    Hi, if you fall under NOC 1215 and you have landed or still in the process, kindly share your experience. If you have landed, how easy was it for u to get a job in your field. Did u have to do any course or any kind of program before or after landing. And what's the best pre Arrival program...
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    Please help me.. Denied US Visa: effect on Canadian PR application.

    Sure. Write this in a letter of explanation n you will be fine. All the best
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    Problematic field PR application personal activities

    Unemployed, housewife, apprenticeship etc. U can't leave a gap else your application won't be complete. Note that it's acceptable to be unemployed