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    Employment Records uploaded in wrong order, realized now

    hi, I assume you have submitted your PR application. If that is the case there unfortunately there is nothing you can do now. However, you can always raise a CSE (http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/contacts/web-form.asp) and mention that you made a mistake in the order and clearly mention the order...
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    Express Entry - e-APR Submitted in November 2016

    CIC customer care confirms that they see my ECA document uploaded and submitted in English although the letter mentions it wasnt uploaded and not translated. So, the customer support Rep told me I can go back and report that it is uploaded and that their customer support confirmed also...
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    Express Entry - e-APR Submitted in November 2016

    Thank you for your reply. 1) Did you submit an Indian police certificate that was issued by a local police station/commissioner's office? -- I went to BLS office in Toronto and applied for Indian PCC. 2. My Canadian education certificate was in English and WES accredited is also in English. 3...
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    Express Entry - e-APR Submitted in November 2016

    Hello everyone, My husband and I received our ITA on October 19th. We submitted our complete application on 19th Nov - CEC inland. Have been waiting ever since to get an update. We just received a update which says our application is Cancelled. This is really heartbreaking as the reasons that...
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    Post eAPR - Review of submitted documents is blank

    Hi, I have the same question. Can someone please help? Thanks
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    HELP! Italian PCC - Translation to English

    Thanks a ton guys! +1 for both. ;D Another question though: CIC only mentions that they want the certificates translated by a "certified translator". Do I have to get any additional certificate of affidavit from these translators to prove they are certified? My question is how does CIC know...
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    HELP! Italian PCC - Translation to English

    Hi all, I need to translate my Italian PCC to English. Do I have to provide a sworn translation for my documents? Has anyone done this in Toronto or know of a translator who wouldn't rip me off ::) Any suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thanks binjoy p.s: One of the translators I...
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    Recommendations on Medical Exam in Toronto or GTA?

    Hi everyone, If this helps. I went for my Medical Test to Dr. Dharmavathy Jegatheeswaran Address: Medical Practive Dr Jegatheeswaran's Office, 3852 Finch Ave, Suite 301, Ontario M1T 3T9 Got an appointment for me and my husband - Pretty faster than the other few places I tried. Got the...
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    Recommendations on Medical Exam in Toronto or GTA?

    I haven't gone through the process yet, but I think I know the answers :P How long does it take to get your results? and for how long they will be valid? Minimum of 10 days. valid for 12 months. Are there any specific doctors that CIC deal with or it is okay to pick any? How can I book the...
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    Recommendations on Medical Exam in Toronto or GTA?

    Thanks butters.. $290? :o Is that normal? ??? I called few others and have quotations varying anywhere inbetween 210 and 285. Any idea why its not a standard price...
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    Recommendations on Medical Exam in Toronto or GTA?

    Hey butters1690, did you manage to get your medical done at that place? If yes, how much did it cost you and was everything covered in the clinic? Thanks!
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    Italian PCC

    Can someone please help!!! I need to know details on how to get an Italian PCC. I lived in Genova.
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    Ray of Hope - 45th Draw

    I just logged into my account and it says, "No invitation at this time". Is this normal? I have a score of 479.
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    Ray of Hope - 44th Draw

    LOL, I was thinking the same... ;D I just cant concentrate at my work right now. It feels like I am soon going to be appearing for an exam...LOL
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    44th Draw.....Who is waiting??

    Thanks thourb.. Thats such a relief to know. I will be missing out on 5 points after Nov 19th :'(