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    When am I a resident for Tax purposes?

    Considering that your spouse has been living in Canada throughout the whole period, it is possible you have become a tax resident since your landing date, despite this being a "soft landing"
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    Low tution free universities

    You can't really expect people to do your homework for you. Google is your friend. If you have questions about specific universities that you have identified through your research feel free to post them here and those who went to those universities would be able to help further.
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    payroll compliance practitioner

    I am currently doing this as part of my professional development. Completed two courses last year and planning to do the last two in May and September respectively. Once completed you can refer to yourself as "PCP-Candidate" but you will need to meet the payroll work requirements before becoming...
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    New Comer to Canada - Issue in getting car finance

    If you have been here just for a week, I am assuming you haven't got your Canadian driving license yet? How do you plan to get insurance without that license?
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    Excellent U.S. Credit Cards without Foreign Transaction Fees

    Sounds good in theory but you will still losing money on each transaction due to the fees built into the foreign exchange rates of Visa and Mastercards (even if you are not charged an extra foreign transaction fee. Only a minority of Canadian residents maintains ties or bank account in the US...
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    Buying a car second day of landing

    Paying about $5,200/year for two cars in Mississauga. This is with TD Insurance and with my CPA Ontario discount. Started at $390/month for one car my first year with Belair Direct, and they actually wanted to increase it to $450/month for the second year despite having 0 claim! Came with 10...
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    Tax return for PR who is not working/living yet

    Based on your information you are not actually a tax resident in Canada and should not be filling tax. Also you should not have applied for OHIP since you don't physically live in Canada. Once you return and become resident, you will be able to register your CRA account after your first tax...
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    Child Tax Credit

    They likely weren’t a tax resident in 2017 if they landed in December 2017. They didn’t need to file for 2017. Yes this makes sense. From the original post I did not see any mention of short landing or return to their original place of residence. They landed at December 20th so spent only 20...
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    Child Tax Credit

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    Driving License - Need Suggestion

    You definitely can drive on highways with your G2 license
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    How to get a Virtual number for Canada from India

    Check, cost is low, and you can redirect calls and text messages to your phone number in India.
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    Nothing get help from any job seeking websites

    You need to stop ignoring the previous replies to this post. The problem is not the website, but rather whether you are physically located in Canada and authorized to work here.
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    Is there a cheap diploma or certificate in Canada for my spouse who is not PR?

    Why can't you sponsor her to apply for PR? Applying for study visa under those circumstances is likely to be unsuccessful as clearly it is just a way she is using to stay with you in Canada.
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    Job hunting tips

    It is either online or through networking (attending professional events, job fairs etc.). Unless you are applying for roles such as daily labourer or factory staff I don't see how you can just show up at a company to ask if there are vacancies. Try also the staffing agencies in particular...