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    you are welcome. CEC draws don’t happen often, until Corvus-19 happened (a blessing in disguise), so take advantage of the lucky window before it ends. And I heard they have increased the Indication of intent/PR submission to 90 days instead of 60 days. so go do it. All the best
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    You mean you don’t have ITA yet? Pls do submit your profile and get in the draw, and hopefully get selected and get ITA. Afterward, you can move forward. With an ITA you can submit your application without PCC and Medicals and all you have to do is explain your predicament on an LOE and you...
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    Why do CIC keep issuing invites if they have no capacity to handle the applications?

    Economy of migration. The demand is high. Canada remains a choiced destination for migrants across the world, and they got to cash in on it while it lasts.
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    *** May 2020 AOR - Join here ***

    Sorry May guys! I am 19th June CEC applicants. Just here to see updates on any BIL, MEP. Best wishes.
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    If it isn’t documented then its not necessary, as long as there is no criminally incriminating documentation with the countries you visited at the time without stamps. Only submit available stamped pages of your previous and and valid passports. That was what I did.
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    AOR almost 16 months ago, I am on implied status now and I am extremely worried, please advice me what to do!

    I don’t know what to say but to wish you best wishes and pray they conclude your application very fast. This is disheartening
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    *- - - June 2020 AOR - Join here - - - *

    ITA 15th May AOR 20th June 2020. PCC & Medicals upfront submitted.
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    >>>>>>>JUNE 2020 AOR<<<<<<< Join here

    I am so impressed at @legalfalcon’s detailed explanations here and I am lucky I found this thread. ITA 15th May AOR for eAPR-CEC is 19th June. PCC, upfront medicals submitted. My question to @legalfalcon is I have a PNP-Paper based application already in que submitted since Oct 23, 2017. I...
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    No, you don’t have to be in Canada to be eligible. As for the next draw, it depends on the cut off point at the time of the draw but your point is pretty great so you stand a great chance. Best wishes
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    ITA May 15th AOR June 19th PCC & Medicals upfront submitted. Best wishes to me and all of us
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    CEC April 2020 applicants join here for updates.

    LVO is Local VISA Office. Some applications get to be sent to an LVO. if you don’t get BIL you should be good. I guess they are realizing the Biometrics offices are closed anyway so no point asking for it.
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    CEC April 2020 applicants join here for updates.

    Lucky you. What is your AOR and do you know what LVO your application is?
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    ***>>> February 2020 AOR <<<***

    Hi @andy108 pls I have an important question and I will appreciate your honest response. I applied for my PR under the PNP-Paper based Oct, 2017. My app has been stalling for over 32 months. After GCMS notes and several calls to no serious developments I decided to do EE-CEC and I got my ITA...
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    Ray of Hope - 149th Draw - CEC

    I got my ITA on this round after entering the pool August 2019, making 9 months of waiting. I guess Corvid-19 triggers ray of hope for CEC applicants. Best of luck to me and everyone who got their ITA on this round, and those still waiting.
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    ***>>> March 2020 AOR <<<***

    “Not”! if you receive a letter for BIL then its good updates